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Hello crafters! Welcome to our new Customer Corner! 

Thank you for joining us, we have dedicated this area just for you! Join us weekly to read reviews on our most popular items, see pictures of upcoming product releases, and delight in the dream craft rooms others have shared. Leave us comments on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts and you may be able to be featured for the week!

On August 6th we posted our Knotty Alder WorkBox on Facebook and this what people had to say!
"I love mine! It took me about 8 hours to put it together- not bad for a lifetime of organization! I can't believe how much stuff I fit in all the spaces." Jeannine G. 
"Really like how the hinges are on the sides, making very deep doors and giving you double the drawer space….." - Carol C. 
"I LOVE mine!" - Exene C. 
"I absolutely love mine! It is such a beautiful quality piece of furniture!" - Kay W. 

On August 8th we attended the Santa Clara ScrapBook Expo, and the best part was being able to meet our customers in person! 

"Bought mine today at the Expo! Having fun filling it up already. Just love it!!!!!" - Shirley Y. 
"I have both, The Original ScrapBox
WorkBox plus add on and the EZ View Desk. The best purchase I have ever made. Love them both!" - Shari D. 
"There really are pretty. We saw one on display here in the Utah showroom . Loved it!" - Kay W. 

Click on the picture below to see our Teresa Collins StudioBox!

Our last review is on a picture sent in from our fellow crafter Karen! Her EZ View Desk makes a stunning center piece for her organized craft room, and the added extension drawers give her height to work while standing as well as extra drawer space! (and we all need as much drawer space as possible to fit the collection of art supplies). 


"Boy i wish I had this space. My space is super small but I manage to squeeze in furniture even the EZ View Desk. As long as I got some walking room I'm fine. Haha The EZ View Desk is a great size and I'm still amazed how much it can hold. It's weird but it actually helps you keep your things organized. I love my desk!" - Jennifer S. 

We hope you enjoyed this week's post in our Customer Corner! 
If you are interested in any of the furniture you see here on our blog, feel free to explore our new website and find something that fits your crafting lifestyle. Your workspaces should be just as beautiful as the art you make, so get organized and turn up the fun!

Happy crafting from your friends at The Original ScrapBox!



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