Crafting as a Lifestyle

Recently, our customers have been sharing some creative ideas on how they incorporate our products to fit their lifestyles. If you are new to our Customer Corner, welcome! Read what others are talking about and join in on our craft room conversations. 

On August 12th we introduced our new WorkBox Crown accessory, and we have been getting so many great comments we had to share them!

"I would love this for when I draw. I could keep everything right here nicely. I could also use this for my crafts..knitting. I could store yarn nicely. What fun I could have with this cabinet. BUT..I might need two of them." - Eliane C. 
"Nice, I like it, every scrapbook queen needs a crown!" - Tambi D. 
"Ughhh will I never get a Workbox?!? I could actually scrap and craft cus all my supplies would be in one place and not tucked here and there all though the house. I came so close to getting one almost three years ago...wish I would’ve." - Hope C. 
"I just ordered the door upgrades and I'm adding this to my wishlist now!" - Desaree O. 
"When I see it closed up I get the same feeling I had when I was at the gates of Disney World. Oh the adventures we would have!!! I so want one of these...... it will happen..... IT WILL!!!!!" - Charlene T. 
"Can't wait to have one of these! They are awesome. I can't be creative if I'm not organized. This is perfect. On my wish list for Christmas and birthday." - Judy D. 

Teresa Collins opened up her home to us on August 14th for a photoshoot and video session! If you haven't seen our Teresa Collins StudioBox yet, it is one of our most elegant designs. With a customizable door feature, and it's smaller size, the StudioBox can be used for every sort of crafting or organizing lifestyle.
"These would be perfect for Homeschoolers!!" - Nicole B.
"I so need/want one of these, I am moving in with my daughter and her family for a while, and my bedroom is 10'x10' and no room in the rest of the home for my crafting, this would be perfect!" - Denise O. 

Below: The Teresa Collins StudioBox
 Teresa Collins StudioBox

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Cheers from your friends at The Original ScrapBox!
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