5 Craft Supply Organizing Mistakes to Stop Making

5 Craft Supply Organizing Mistakes to Stop Making

We all seek organization how-to's, but sometimes it's even more helpful to know what not to do. Here are five common organizing mistakes you might be making in your craft room—and how to fix them. 

1: Storing and sorting everything 

Yes, organization involves sorting and storing. Lots of it. But those acts alone are insufficient. Overtime, you'll start to overflow. Even 80,000 cubic inches of DreamBox storage can eventually be maxed out.   

Solution: Lasting organization requires careful scrutiny. When you sort and store, take the opportunity to seriously evaluate each item. We love Marie Kondo’s quick test; does it spark joy? We ask, ‘do these 12 bins of fabric fat quarters spark creative joy?’

2: Thinking organization is a one-time event

Creating an organization system is just the first step, albeit a big one. Staying organized is the real feat. 

Solution: Develop a habit of putting things back after use. Here's a tip. We're more likely to do this when items are stored in very easy to access places. 

3: Leaving no empty spaces

The amount we store is often informed by our storage space (or at least it should be). But filling every available inch can be physically and creatively constraining.

Solution: When you size up your available storage space, aim to leave a few totes empty. These will come in handy for storing your projects-in-progress or new craft materials. You’ll be much more excited to start your next crafternoon when your work table is clean.

4: Storing everything out of sight 

Keeping items stored away can be visually pleasing. But, out of sight means out of mind. Hidden craft supplies are easily forgotten. 

Solution: Strike a balance. The key is to be able to quickly scan to see what you own, but not have it be too visually overwhelming. We call it organization in view. This may also be your answer to the double buying dilemma

5: Stashing stuff in deep totes

Deep totes are great because you can fit a lot of stuff in them, but they don’t allow for quick access. That few extra minutes of digging can be a barrier to starting a craft project—consciously or sub-consciously. 

Solution: Opt for more shallow bins. They will keep everything visible and ultra-accessible.

Best of luck in your organizing endeavors! If you're looking for the DreamBox, click here

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