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7 Mason Jar Decorating Tips
, Keith Hubert

1. Animal Print + Glitter

A little bit of sparkle can go a long way and leopard print is easier to paint than it looks! Spice up the look with this rose gold glitter finish. Use the same decoration on different jar sizes to complete a set. 

Tutorial by: KA Styles

2. Preserve your Memories

Do you love to travel? Put your tiny treasures in a mason jar, in this cute and easy way to make your memories last!

Tutorial by: Event Trender

3. Gift for Bird Lovers

Do you know someone who loves bird watching? Gift them with this handmade mason jar crafted to make birds sing as the morning sun rises. 


Tutorial by: The Graphics Fairy

 4. Vintage Wedding Jar

Do you know a friend or a loved one who is getting married? Gift them with this easy DIY wedding jar filled with traditional wedding keepsakes. 

Tutorial by: The 36th Avenue

5. Organized Sewing Supplies

This project is perfect for using your leftover scraps or unused batting. Keep your sewing supplies nearby in this easy DIY project to turn your jars into an organized sewing kit. 

Tutorial by: Wait til your Father gets Home

6. Picture Frame Vase

If you love decorating your house with flowers and photos, this mason jar tutorial will show you how to use a mason jar for displaying just that! This quick DIY will have you running to pick up more mason jars from the craft store. (but we don't mind)

Tutorial by: A Little Craft in your Day

7. Moss Terrariums

This DIY tutorial is not only a fun way to craft with nature's mediums, but also to connect with your little ones. This hands-on activity is great for a weekend of adventuring to find hidden treasures on your next nature walk together. 

Tutorial by: Parent Pretty

If you're looking for a workstation that you can create and store your mason jar projects be sure to watch our video of Her HobbyBox, our newest addition to our line of organizational furniture!

 By Kat Espinoza