7 stress-relieving benefits of our aromatherapy kit

7 stress-relieving benefits of our aromatherapy kit

If you’ve ever had a difficult time feeling inspired to create, you’ve likely experienced setbacks in your daily routine that hinder you from having a successful creative session. Whether these setbacks are from home, work, or a lack of motivation, they often lead to anxiety and stress that will throw you off balance. Cutting back on the stressful parts of your routine can have a positive impact on your physical and mental wellness, helping you regain your balance and find your creative purpose.


At Create Room, we’ve talked with countless creators over the years, and we’ve discovered seven distinctive ways you can find purpose in what you create—joy, calm, connection, energy, growth, expression, and renewal. We call these the creative intentions. To help you focus on your creative intentions throughout your week, we designed the Create Room Diffuser and Essential Oils to help you be mindful of why you create.

Using the seven intentions, you can align with your creative vision and ease away the stress that is weighing on you day by day. Our seven unique essential oils will help you reflect on your chosen intention and feel more inspired. These oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts carefully blended to provide the most authentic and relaxing experience possible. Take a look below to see how each of these blends can help destress your daily lifestyle:



1. Joy

Lemon is said to be an excellent mood booster, which is why we deemed it a fitting ingredient in our Joy essential oil blend. Joy is recommended for those who seek to feel more confident in their creative work. This can help you gain a sense of happiness and purpose in your daily routine!



2. Calm

Achieving a sense of Calm is essential to overcoming stress and anxiety. To help you find calm throughout your day, we’ve chosen Lavender as the star ingredient. Lavender provides a soothing atmosphere that promotes relaxation and good sleep habits.



3. Energy

It’s highly fitting that eucalyptus is our main ingredient for Energy. Often associated with feelings of invigoration and mental clarity, eucalyptus can help you feel energized throughout your creative sessions and your day.



4. Growth

Sometimes, a fear of the unexpected can lead us to develop anxiety or stress over things we can’t control. With Growth, we encourage you to create more room for new opportunities. The key ingredient, orange, will represent good fortune for you along your creative journey.



5. Renewal

Feelings of Renewal are deeply connected to your mental well-being and spiritual health. In addition to being used for joy, lemon is an ingredient that can produce an uplifting and cleansing effect. Inviting positivity into your day will increase feelings of renewal while also helping you become more aware of your present.



6. Connection 

You can use Connection to rediscover your creative side and unique personality. You may also find creative inspiration by connecting with loved ones and friends. Pink grapefruit has a light and citrusy scent that will take you back to your most vivid memories. These memories can help you focus on strengthening connections so you can create what truly matters most to you.



7. Expression

Orange and lime work together flawlessly to give you an energetic and cheerful moment amidst your busy schedule. On the days where you feel anxious and can’t seem to find your creative spark, create room for Expression and get excited about the things that inspire you most.



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