a baker's dream

a baker's dream

We all know the DreamBox is an amazing workspace and organization solution for crafters, but what about for bakers? We'll let three professionals answer that question. 

Melissa of Dough & Batter 

Melissa creates beautiful, mouthwatering cookies and uses her DreamBox to keep her supplies organized and accessible. Read her tips for maximum organization below. 

Utilize the swing doors - "The shelves on the swinging doors are perfect for a multitude of different things, housing and categorizing sprinkles and edible pens, and creating a place for labeled cutters. The hang bar is great for easy access to brand stickers to place on cookies and gift boxes."

Store skinny things on the skinny shelves - "With their unique shape the skinny shelves work to hold tools that are used regularly and colorful cupcake liners."

Smart center section - "The space under the table is perfect for odd shaped baking pans and other baking related tools. Above the table is ideal for all things cake decorating- piping bags, piping tips, stencils, bags, stickers, business cards twine etc."


Jeanette of Blyss Cookies  

Jeanette, another expert cookie creator, shares why the DreamBox and DreamCart are perfect for her and all bakers. 

Sprinkle organization - "Sprinkle mixes are huge right now and with dozens on hand for every occasion the DreamBox makes organizing and storing them a dream, so it’s easy to see all of the options."

Unique workspace - "Having a workspace separate from the kitchen where you can spread out is crucial for bakers. Say goodbye to crowded kitchens where your kids can finally eat at the dinner table. The table space with the DreamBox and the DreamCart allows for baking, decorating and drying cookies. It’s perfect!"

Countless organization options - "Having so many organization options for all of the specialized tools is amazing. With hundreds of cookie cutters, decorating tips, sprinkles, plastic squeeze bottles, icing bags, food colors, stencils etc... the clear totes and plastic inserts create a place for everything. It’s really amazing how much we are able to fit in the DreamBox."

Shawna of Cakeheads  

Shawna is a cake decorating extraordinaire. She loves her DreamBox and shares her tips for optimal storage for bakers. Play the video below to watch her fill up her DreamBox.

Utilize the jars - "The clear jars with screw on lids that come with the DreamBox are the perfect way to store sprinkles!"

Keep items in view - "The deep door design is perfect for displaying food color bottles and edible paints. The clear totes allow for easy visibility to see what tools and supplies are in each one."

Customize your shelving - "The customizable shelves are amazing for all of the unique supplies that bakers have. The wide, center compartment above the table is great, easy access for storing my long rolling pin or any long/wide, cake structure elements. The storage shelves under the table are perfect for cake boards and larger items."

Design your layout - Use Shawna's DreamBox layout to design your own. Download the printable PDF here

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