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Alex's sewing room transformation
, Ashley Puriri

From darkness to light 

"Before getting organized, I had every inch of this room covered in STUFF. I would purchase something and set it somewhere and it would get pushed back and I would forget about it. Nothing ever really had a home... it was stressful. Now I can walk in the room and it's a light—a breathe of fresh air and just so peaceful."

Alex shared some of the biggest benefits of her new sewing setup. 

  • A place for everything. "Before, nothing had a home. When I moved into the DreamBox I realized how much I could really fit. Everything had a place and I love that." 
  • Access to machines. "I can have my sewing machine on one table and turn and have my serger right next to me. And then if I'm using my Silhouette as well, I can have all three machines out and still have enough space for them. 
  • More open space. "Before, I didn't have any open space. Now my kids are more free to come in here and help me or work on projects with me because there's more space for them." 

The setup

Alex's setup includes the DreamBox and DreamCart. Keeping them connected gives her an "L" shape workspace, with quick access to both machines. She moves the DreamCart out to the living room when she wants to craft and watch TV at the same time.  

Why do you create? 

"I got lost for a while in postpartum depression and anxiety. But once I got the help I needed, I found so much light in finding time for myself to create. I needed that outlet to be myself so I began to sew and create more."

Alex is passionate about sharing her love of creating and sewing. She offers tips and tutorials on her Blog (My Sew Bliss) and her YouTube channel to help other women find their creativity. 

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20 thoughts on “Alex's sewing room transformation

  1. avatar Velvie Bennett says:

    I love the Dreambox! I hope to get one of my own soon. It has a space for everything!

  2. avatar Carrie Singleton says:

    Limited space, too much stuff all over the place at one time.

  3. avatar Carol Fylypczuk says:

    Wow would love to win this it would help me get organized and be more productive Trying to say on track and keep my mind occupied from the death of my husband of 45 years. I have been very unorganized right now. Again I really would love to win this
    Thank you Carol Fylypczuk

  4. avatar DAWN TAYLOR says:

    As soon as all of my medical bills are paid, from battling cancer, I’m saving for one of these❣ Im years behind on my boys scrapbooks and haven’t used my Cameo 3 yet due to space. This is the greatest thing Ive ever seen!

  5. avatar Louise potter says:

    I am creating greeting cards and scrapbooks and can see what a boom this would be to keeping all my supplies with handy reach.

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