Crafting Joy Rediscovered: Amy's DreamBox 2 Transformation

Crafting Joy Rediscovered: Amy's DreamBox 2 Transformation

Meet Amy Pelzner, the creator who turned a house full of craft supplies into a dreamy crafting haven! Take a look at her DreamBox transformation from beginning to end and see how getting organized helped bring back the joy of crafting in her life.


Can you tell us about your creative journey and how you got started?

I wouldn’t actually describe myself as a creative person but my Mom and Grandma definitely were and they were always teaching me new skills! But I was more of a math and science fan. In my early 30s, I started seeing these cute little cards and gifts made by some machine called a Cricut. I purchased my first one in 2010 and fell in love with what I could make! It was so much different back then with all the cartridges and no software, but it cut the most beautiful things, perfect for this perfectionist! After that I was hooked! I started crafting all the things and making all sorts of personalized gifts and amazing party decor and favors. 

What were your creative setbacks before you got organized, and can you tell us about your space transformation?

Probably like many crafters, I have had a ton of space transformations! When I first started out, I would pull my Cricut out on my kitchen table or counter and have supplies stuck in closets in my guest room. Then, I finally decided I needed a dedicated space, so I got a desk in our guest room and put a murphy bed in.

My craft supplies quickly accumulated and I started taking over my dining room and living room as well! Stuff was everywhere and I spent forever trying to find things I know I had and a lot of time would end up buying them again since I couldn’t find it!

How did the DreamBox help improve your creative experience for you and solve the setbacks/problems you faced with your old space?

When I got the DreamBox 2 I actually wasn’t expecting to fit all my craft supplies in it. Boy, was I shocked that it did! At that point, I had two huge IKEA bookshelves, rolling carts, and a few random shelving units. Since I had so much stuff, I couldn’t remember where everything was and I would open the doors and pull out the 12x12 totes so many times looking for things which wasted a lot of time.

For one, getting the DreamBox 2 made me go through everything I had and organize it (and donate some of it!). The Totes are the perfect size where they actually hold a lot of stuff, but stuff isn’t buried way down somewhere that I can’t see. I opted to label all of my Totes and I love that I can easily glance around and find something easily. Plus if you pull the Swing Doors close, you can reach almost everything while sitting at the table!


What advice do you have for our readers on getting organized? Are there any Create Room products you would recommend?

I got the Cubby first and love just how much that small piece holds! If you don’t have tons and tons of craft supplies or don’t have the funds yet, I would start there. It can fit nicely under a table or blend in with other furniture in any room.

If you have the space, the budget, and are an avid crafter, the DreamBox really is a crafter’s dream! Put the supplies you use the most in the totes or on shelves at eye level so you can easily reach them. Move the slides and shelves around until you have your perfect space! Don’t rush the process, it takes time! The setup is going to be different for everyone, which is one of the amazing things about the DreamBox 2.

Do you own other Create Room furniture? How did each of these has helped you make space for pursuing and creating all the things that you love?

I own the Cubby and it was a great piece to start with. It holds a lot of stuff and is nice and compact so you don’t have to have a lot of room for it. It is easy to put together and you can get multiple to create a crafting space without having the big DreamBox.

What are your tips and tricks on keeping your DreamBox and supplies continuously organized throughout the year?

I used removable vinyl for my labels so I can easily take it off if need be. Since I’ve been crafting for so long, I know what I will always have a lot of so I probably won’t have to change the labels very often. Since the DreamBox is so pretty and it makes me happy just looking at it, I clean up my messes a lot more! I admit I’m a messy crafter, but being able to just pull out a tote that I need and then put the items back in makes for easy clean up! No more clutters which adds to the calm and joy of crafting!


Is there anything else you would like our audience to know about yourself, your DreamBox, or your Create Room furniture/accessories?

I’m not complaining by any means because I love my job, but one of the downsides of being a craft blogger is that the majority of the crafts I now make are for work. I’m always taking pictures and videos of the process, so it’s much more of a job these days than for the love of it. But now with my DreamBox, it makes me want to craft just for myself again. Just sitting at the table and seeing all my supplies right in front of me neatly organized, makes my heart happy and gives me the joy of crafting back. I have made a promise to myself to create more just for myself now and it has brought back calm into my hectic life!


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To see more of her content, you can follow her on Instagram @leapoffaithcrafting or check out her website for craft inspiration, Cricut tutorials, and more!


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