Amy of Amy Tangerine

Amy of Amy Tangerine

Meet Amy 

We are so excited to introduce the lovely Amy Tangerine to the ScrapBox family.

We've found that these two (Amy and the DreamBox) are pretty much a match made in heaven. Identifying as "an aspiring minimalist, but hoarder at heart," Amy loves seeing her beloved materials on display. And in rainbow order, we might add. 

Photo by The Confetti Project 

Craft A Life You Love 

Amongst her busy life as a creative director, professional scrapbooker, wife and mother, Amy is an advocate for taking time for yourself and the things you enjoy. In her book Craft a Life You Love she shares her own creative journey and encourages others to follow their passion.  

Watch below to learn about how creating has helped her live a happier life and how she is sharing this happiness with others.

Beautiful Organization 

Amy loves collecting things that help her create. She does admit, however, that nobody likes a mess. She truly believes in the phrase, "outer order and inner calm" and loves that the DreamBox has helped her achieve this in her craft room. 

Amy received advice from a professional organizer on setting up her studio, but was unable to implement the directions until she got the DreamBox. She believes that every space is sacred—including your junk drawer—and that the DreamBox really embodies this principle. 

We have been so inspired by Amy and her ability to infuse happiness and creativity into everyday. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration! 

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