An Inspired You is a Happy You!

An Inspired You is a Happy You!

Have you noticed when you are living a life full of inspiration you tend to be happier?

There are so many ways to open yourself up to inspiration. From visiting a new city to simply reading a new book. The possibilities are endless! 
Even though the possibilities are endless, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few tips to help you make space for inspiration in your environment! 

 1. This DIY Zen Garden is sure to clear your mind and open up room for inspiration to strike! 

Zen gardens have long been used to create a meditative and tranquil area through the use of simplicity and harmony. This is why zen gardens are a great way to clear more mental room for inspiration- plus they are so cute! 

Credit Thirsty for Tea learn more here! 

2. Create a room within a room with the DreamBox!

Sometimes the best way to make your environment more inspiring is to surround yourself with things that make you want to create. The DreamBox keeps all your creative tools and supplies in-sight and within reach. It's hard to make excuses when it's so easy to start working on a project! 

 3. Surround yourself with gorgeous greenery!

Here are some easy-to-keep indoor plants to brighten up your space! Plants are gorgeous and inspirational, and they help uplift us and improve the air quality around us.



Credit Lauren Conrad learn more here! 

4. Listen to music that helps you feel motivated!

As Georgia Cates said, "Music is what our feelings sound like". Music is a great way to communicate how we feel inside and enhances brain function, meaning it is wonderful if you need to get your creative juices flowing! Here is one of our favorite playlists for getting in the creative mood! 

credit Doll Gift learn more about her illustrations here! 

5. Read books that make you want to create again!

We can't stop reading Craft The Rainbow by Brittany Watson Jepson! Reading is an amazing way to relax, helping you cut out all other distractions and concentrate solely on your read. It engages your imagination, creating an entirely new world for you to personally experience. 

What are your favorite ways to invite inspiration?

Tell us in the comments below! 

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