April Creator Club Event: 'Create Room' Craft

April Creator Club Event: 'Create Room' Craft

It is time for April's Creator Club event! Join us virtually on April 6th, 2023 at 5 PM MST for a Create Room Craft Kit workshop hosted by fellow creator and DreamBox owner, Desi Reinhard. Read all the details below and don't forget to RSVP!

Watch and Learn or Craft Along! 

For this event, and for the first time ever, we have created a limited edition "Create Room Craft Kit" that you can purchase beforehand and will ship directly to your house. This kit is not required to attend, but it will allow you to craft along with Desi easier at the event and also serves as a daily reminder to create room for yourself and your creativity every day!  (Craft Kit stock is limited so make sure to get yours now if you want to join in!)

Craft Kit Tips from Desi: 
  1. Open your kit!

  2. Gather your supplies (supply list linked here

  3. Remove the adhesive backing from all pieces of wood

  4. Figure out how you want yours assembled

  5. Add your paint to a paper plate or paint palette

  6. Use double-sided tape to hold your wood letters to your table (optional)

  7. Begin sponge painting! Remember to have fun

  8. Let pieces dry briefly (5-10 minutes)

  9. Apply wood glue to the back or painted pieces using a small paintbrush or toothpick!

  10. Assemble your sign

  11. Let dry fully over night although it’s usually pretty dry within 15 minutes

  12. Admire your work! You did it!

Tour Desi's DreamBox

Desi is excited to share how she has organized her DreamBox and her other Create Room furniture pieces. She is one of our amazing Create Room Ambassadors and will share several tips on how to organize all of the crafting supplies you need for your projects. Get excited and come with any questions you might have for her!

Prizes and More! 

Desi loves sharing her passion for creativity with fellow creators. Join us live, where one lucky attendee will win a prize. By attending the event, you'll also receive access to exclusive discounts and rewards. Create your free Creator Club account here to qualify!


Meet the Host, Desi Reinhard

We are so excited to have Desi host this special Creator Club event! Desi is a fellow creator, DreamBox Owner, and a Create Room Sales Ambassador. Her favorite hobbies include painting, making jewelry, easy kid crafts, and Cricut products. As a busy working mother, Desi loves her organized craft room because it allows her to do what she loves most- which is creating with her son every day. Learn more about Desi here

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