Co-Founder Yvonne Shares Mother's Day Message

Co-Founder Yvonne Shares Mother's Day Message

The DreamBox was created by crafters for crafters. Watch below to hear what Yvonne, Create Room Co-Founder, says makes it so special. 

A Mother's Day Message from Yvonne:

Dear Creators,

From a young age, crafting has been a part of my life, thanks largely to my mother's love for sewing. I grew up surrounded by her beautiful creations for our family. When I became a mother to four wonderful children, I embraced the tradition wholeheartedly. Crafting clothes and Halloween costumes for them was not only a joy but also an avenue to create lasting memories that I hold dear. Now, it's a delight to share this passion with my grandchildren!

This Mother’s Day, I want to express my admiration and thanks to all the marvelous mothers and mother-figures among us. Your loving actions shine brightly in the lives of those you touch. I hope you get to enjoy this day with lots of love, laughter, and perhaps a little bit of quiet time to engage in your own creative pursuits. 

Happy Mother's Day!


Yvonne Hubert
Create Room Co-Founder

P.S. Please enjoy these free coloring pages for a relaxing creative activity! 


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