Craft Room Makeovers with The Original ScrapBox

Craft Room Makeovers with The Original ScrapBox

See how these customers transformed their space with the help of the WorkBox 3.0 

Melissa W. shared these photos of her craft room makeover. We love how it turned out! All of the tools and supplies that were in bins and boxes are now easily accessible.  

"Thank you ScrapBox for this miracle!"

Eugenia L. shared these photos on her blog after upgrading her makeup storage. We are blown away by the transformation! The WorkBox is an amazing storage solution for all kinds of creativity! 

"I really love looking at this beauty! It’s like a piece of art! I was so shocked that I actually have tons of empty space to hold even more products!!

Lianne, a polymer clay artist in Hawaii, recently decided it was time to upgrade her workspace. What a transformation!

"My WorkBox has helped me be more organized, efficient, and safe with my two young children and small apartment. Everything has a home, is labeled properly, and is within arms reach." 

See a full tour of her WorkBox HERE

Sonya S. shared her before and after photos with us. We love that the WorkBox  can create an amazing workspace anywhere in the house! 

"So in love with my transformed art space thanks @theoriginalscrapbox!!"

Brooke's kitchen cabinets were overflowing with cookie decorating supplies! The WorkBox helped her get organized and gave her the ability to store everything in one place.

"I love that everything is within reach! It's so nice not having to constantly get up out of my seat to get things. I also love that I can film my tutorials at my WorkBox, and there is a light above me. It's seriously the best thing ever!"

See more of her space HERE

Diane S. shared these photos of her before and after. Look at all those craft supplies! 

"Creating is my happy place and you just gave it back to me. Words alone cannot begin to tell you. I see why people cry when the crate arrives. I just pull a tray out and work, put that tray back and create anything else this hippie heart wants to without hunting or digging thru the mess. Someone asked me if I really think it is worth the price? I will tell you after having this gem in my home, yes I would pay double that."

Gayle D. was storing her tools and supplies in all kinds of different bins and boxes. The WorkBox allowed her to move everything over to one space and really makes the room feel more tidy and put together. 

"I thought I was organized but the room was always a mess. I had containers everywhere, but as you can see there was always an overflow. The WorkBox 3.0 is a lifesaver. Now I can see the floor and actually walk around in the room."

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