Create Room for Good with Hearts Need Art

Create Room for Good with Hearts Need Art

March is National Crafting Month, and what better way to celebrate than by using your creativity to make a difference in someone's life?

To help spread creative joy this month, we're teaming up with creator Amy Latta in support of Hearts Need Art, a non-profit organization that provides art and creative resources to hospitals and caregivers, as well as individuals and families facing illness, injury, or disability. 



As a community, we are joining forces to meet our goal of making 1,000 hearts in the month of March. We're asking creators of all kinds to make and send in physical hearts...they can be sewn, drawn, crocheted, knitted, quilted, wood-carved, etc. These hearts will be given to patients, nurses, and doctors to encourage them and let them know someone is thinking of them.

For every heart received, a donor will also match your art with a $1 donation to the Hearts Need Art foundation.

Our participation in this project will run from 3/1/23 through 3/31/23!

How can I make a difference?

Participating in this project is easy! Simply create hearts using any of your favorite supplies you have on hand - paper, fabric, yarn, or anything else that inspires you. If you need some inspiration, scroll to the bottom of this blog and tune in for Amy Latta's online crafting tutorial!


When finished, post a photo of your hearts to our Facebook group or other social platforms using the hashtags #CreateRoomForGood and #Make1000Give1000. Don't forget to tag us @createroomco and let us know how many hearts you made. We'll keep a tally and update our blog and social media throughout the month to track our progress.

(If you prefer, you can also email our team at to let us know how many hearts you made.) Every heart counts, and we appreciate any contribution you can make to help us reach our goal!


Mail your completed heart by March 31st to:

Hearts Need Art
ATTN: #make1000give1000
P.O. Box 791222
San Antonio, TX 78279


More About Hearts Need Art

Hearts Need Art is an incredible organization that provides creative experiences via art, music, etc. those who are facing challenging circumstances. By participating in this project, you'll be helping to bring a little bit of joy and comfort to those who need it most. So let's come together and create room for good in our community. Let's make 1,000 hearts in the month of March and give 1,000 smiles to those who could use a little extra love.


Join us for Amy Latta's heart making tutorial

As an official Board Member for Hearts Need Art, Amy Latta is thrilled to be a part of this project. In fact, she's so excited, that she volunteered to show us a couple tips and pointers on different ways you can create your hearts!

To watch her live crafting tutorial on March 2nd, you can RSVP HERE and save it to your calendar!

Did you miss the event? No problem! You can go back and watch the recording here.

Here's a couple examples from creators as extra inspiration for your hearts! 


Share a picture of your finished hearts in the comments below!

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