Create Room for Yourself: Ten Day Challenge

Create Room for Yourself: Ten Day Challenge

Struggling to find the time to create? 

It's hard for us too. Our days are jam packed with things we have to do- long work days, care for the kids, walk the dog, laundry, prepare food, errands... What are your daily must-dos? Is time for oneself really an option? Seemingly not. We recently came across a study by ABC News reporting that only about 16.8% of women ages 36-50 make time for themselves every day. We know that everyone struggles with this at different times in their life. 

For crafty types like us, creative time is critical to feel good. Everything else seems to fall into place when this deep need is met. Can you recall the safety instructions on an airplane? - place an oxygen mask on yourself before helping others. We must attend to ourselves to show up for others.

It's time to change the statistic. Can 100% of us start to habitually create room for ourselves? Can we all do this together? 

The #CreateRoomChallenge 

We know that change can be difficult. After all, there are so many very good reasons things are the way they are. 

To help you (and us! - we struggle like you) create room for ourselves, we've crafted ten challenges, a small journey, between June 19th and 28th.

We'll start with activities to cultivate a change mindset, then move into creating the right environment and end with three days of creative experiences. These stages are purposeful and well proven to kick-start lasting change. We've even lined up some experts to share their experiences and talk you through the process. 

If you need a little more incentive, we’re here to help with that. At the conclusion of the Create Room Challenge, we are giving away a DREAMBOX. Every time you participate in a challenge, you will get one entry to win. Complete ten challenges and you'll have ten entries! There will also be daily opportunities for bonus entries. 

How to Participate

Between June 19 - 28th check our Instagram or Facebook feed daily. Follow the prompts and share with our community. We’ll do the same.

With a little inspiration from each other, we’ll go much further. So, here we go! The Create Room (for yourself!) ten day challenge. Are you in?


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