Meet our Creator Consultant Stacey Gillespie

Meet our Creator Consultant Stacey Gillespie

Did you know our Creator Consultants are crafters just like you? We'd like you to meet Stacey Gillespie, an artist and quilter on our Create Room Team! As an owner of both the DreamBox 1 and DreamBox 2, Stacey has all the insights on crafting organization for any sort of creative type. We recently had a chat with her to explore her role as a Creator Consultant and what she loves most about creating. See how she helps our creators find their dream craft setups!


Why do you choose to help people as a Creator Consultant?

I love meeting people and helping them solve the barriers to their creative endeavors. I really enjoy talking about what their passions and interests are. I often find that we like to do many of the same things, and it makes me wish they lived next door so we could create together.


How do you help others as a Creator Consultant? What types of questions do you usually answer in a furniture consultation?

During a consultation, I virtually show what comes with the DreamBox and Create Room products and help answer any questions people have. Everyone gets the option to show me their space and supplies and get recommendations for what setup will best help them organize their things.

Some of the most frequent questions I get are about the DreamBox and how it works for various spaces. "Do I need the full tote package?" "How does the DreamBox ship?" "Can I have it put in my garage?" "Is this a good fit for those who sew, artists, scrapbookers, jewelry makers, an office setup, etc.?" "Would the Side Tables or DreamCart work best for me?" "Will it work for me and my specific crafts, homeschooling, as a home office, or for my office’s supplies that coworkers can access?"

Right before I help people order, they sometimes ask me, “Is this worth it?” and I explain to them that yes, it is worth it. I wouldn’t be doing this job if it hadn’t made a huge difference for me. My husband, who doesn’t spend a lot of money, loves that I don’t craft on the kitchen table anymore and I don’t sew in the living room where I used to have my machine.

Is there anything people should know before coming to a consultation?

Your consultation is FREE, no pressure. It will only take half an hour at most. You get to choose what to see or talk about. I can show you the DreamBox 2, side furniture, and all the accessories too. I'm here to answer any questions you may have about your room or supplies.

Anyone can schedule a virtual appointment, phone call, or even chat with us on our main consultation page. You can choose which type of appointment you want when scheduling. Email and online chat are back-and-forth messages as many times as needed to answer questions and set up an order, if desired.


Where can people schedule a consultation with you (or others if you aren’t available)?

To schedule a consultation with me, you can visit my Calendly page.

If you'd like to learn more about me and my DreamBox 2 setup, click here.

To see more info on our creator consultations, click here.

To set up a consultation by email, you can email me at


What are the best stories you've heard during a consultation?

I have met some wonderful people who want a DreamBox for a variety of reasons.
A lady who raises chickens for Chick-fil-A, a caring soul who started two after-school programs and purchased a DreamBox for each program. A doctor told me she is going to use it in her office to teach nurses to give injections. There was a lady who learned about the DreamBox from a book and another who wanted to use it for a Mary Kay business. There is also a 10-year-old boy who really wants a DreamBox, and a magician who needed one for his supplies. Others wanted a DreamBox to hold the supplies for a youth ministry and to gift a DreamBox to a convent.


Tell our readers a little more about you! What are your main craft types? What do you love most about them?

My main crafts are quilting, machine embroidery, watercolor, Cricut projects, and paper crafting. I am passionate about creating art, whether it be with paint and paper, fabric and thread, or paper and ink. I enjoy the challenge of putting together puzzles, and quilting is essentially a beautiful puzzle made of fabric.

My embroidery machine allows me to create more complex designs, and I can even quilt parts of my quilts on it. I enjoy making seasonal bench pillows with my sisters, which is a great way to connect and remember our Mother, who was an amazing seamstress.

I love working with color and tactile projects. I enjoy the feel of paper and fabric, and I especially love creating 3D projects with my Cricut. I often combine stencils that I cut out with the Cricut into my watercolor paints to mask certain areas. Every week, I watercolor with friends, which gives me the opportunity to create while also strengthening our friendship through working on the same paintings and problem-solving together.


What Create Room furniture do you own?

I currently own a DreamBox 2 (Full Set InView Totes) with Deluxe Crown. I also own a DreamBox 1 with Crown, plus a Sew Station, DreamCart, 2 Cubbies, the Side Tables, and the following accessories: 

  • Tool Cubby
  • Crafter’s Caddy
  • 8 Shallow Totes
  • Paper Organizer
  • Cutting Mat
  • Tote Lids
  • Plastic Notions Tray Inserts
  • Aromatherapy Kit
  • Planner
  • Mini Bolts
  • Power Strip
  • Tablet Holder
  • Speakers



So you have the DreamBox 1 and the DreamBox 2? What differences and improvements stood out the most, and which one is your favorite?

Yes, I have the DreamBox 1 and I still love it. My favorite thing about the DreamBox 2 is that it’s even more customizable! The vertical storage space is valuable for storing long thin supplies like paper cutters and Cricut mats. I like that you can choose where to put the ribbon rods and whether to make a pocket shelf. I especially love being able to store my totes in an organized manner under the table without stacking them.


I can also quickly switch up the arrangement of the shelves and totes when I need more space for a bigger project. And it is so much easier to get to everything under the table now that they added the new drop-down table! It’s nice not to have table legs in the way anymore.


Tell us where you chose to put your Create Room furniture!

I love having the Sew Station and DreamBox near each other. This way, I have all my supplies within easy reach. When I’m quilting or binding a quilt, I extend the side leaf of the Sew Station and pull it next to the DreamBox table so it can hold the bulky fabric and batting. I also extended the back leaf to prevent the fabric from pulling while I’m sewing.



I have the Cubby next to my DreamBox and keep a lot of my machine embroidery supplies in it. I also keep my spray bottle, fabric starch, and iron on top of it.


What crafts do you store in your furniture? What activities do you use them for?

In my DreamBox 2, I store fabric, sewing supplies, embroidery thread, and quiet book supplies. I store my Cricut machines, paper, infusible ink, vinyl, pens, watercolor supplies, and adhesives in the DreamBox 1.

Stacey’s DreamBox 2 Planogram shows how she organizes her supplies.

How did you first hear about Create Room?

I was looking for solutions for organizing my multiple crafting supplies on the internet and found the WorkBox. Then I watched lots of YouTube videos about the WorkBox and then the DreamBox trying to decide if I should get one and if it would work for me.


Have you always been organized? What were your creative setbacks before owning Create Room furniture? Can you tell us about your space transformation?

I have not been an organized person. I have struggled with it for all of my life. We moved around the world with the military, all while raising five kids, and it was a constant battle to keep our things organized, especially my crafting supplies. They seemed to multiply overnight!

If I can come up with simple steps and solutions, I can keep things orderly. I love the clear InView Totes so I can see where I have my things quickly. I keep some of them as project totes so I can quickly pull out the project I want to work on, and then it's simple to put the project back in a tote and slip it into its place in the DreamBox.

What advice do you wish you were given before buying the DreamBox?

It’s worth it. It will give you more mental and emotional creative space as well as organizing your things. It has enabled me to create every day!

Is there anything else you want our audience to know about yourself, your DreamBox, or your Create Room furniture and accessories?

The DreamBox has been a game-changer for me. I can create within minutes now instead of having to search for my things.

Take a look at Stacey's video below to learn more about her creative journey and how the DreamBox helps her find peace in her organized space:


Click here to schedule a creator consultation with Stacey!

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