Customization ideas for DreamBox exterior

Customization ideas for DreamBox exterior

You may already know that the DreamBox is extremely customizable; a framework, ready to fill with your treasures. What you may not have thought about are options for customizing the exterior as well! 

Read on for some fun ideas, gathered from our Create Room Family Facebook Group.


Wall Decals

This lovely idea came from Brenda S. Her recommendation to achieve this look: "Search Amazon for wall decals. They have a nice variety!"


For a complete look on all four sides of her DreamBox, Serena S. found removable wall stickers!


If you have a White Shaker DreamBox, embellish the inside of your paneling like Vicki W. did with hers:


Gaylein F. transformed her white DreamBox with peel-and-stick removable wallpaper from Amazon!


If you're looking for a more natural style, try what Mordecai M. did and use wallpaper to give it a wood-like appearance:



Get creative with a vinyl covering! We love what Tramy S. did to customize her DreamBox and bring in a touch of her unique interests and personality. 



3D Paneling

Melanie T.  turned her DreamBox into a statement piece using 3D paneling she found on Amazon!

"There are lots of different patterns and they are typically made out of either PVC or bamboo foam. The foam ones can be cut with an exact-o knife. These are PVC and it wasn’t possible to get a straight cut with the 3-D texture so I ended up using a table saw with a vinyl blade and that worked well."



Custom Embellishments

Kris G. named her DreamBox a "Cabinet of Wonders". Give your DreamBox a more magical look with a custom centerpiece, wallpaper, and decorative edging!



What will you do with the outside of your DreamBox?

We'd love to see! Share a picture with us in the comments below and make sure to join our Facebook group for more ideas from our community.

Want to learn more about the DreamBox? Start here! 

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