DreamBox Love Stories

DreamBox Love Stories

In honor of Valentine's month, we wanted to highlight the love that exists between the DreamBox and so many creators. We hope you enjoy! 

Love At First Sight 

The DreamBox is an all-in-one organization haven. It is a dream space for crafters and seeing it for the first time is an unforgettable experience. Watch to hear about how creator's came across it for the first time and what they think about it now that it's in their home.

More Love Stories 

Earlier this week we went live on Facebook with our lead Creator Consultant, Desi. She shared her experience of seeing the DreamBox for the first time, experiencing it herself, and now getting the opportunity to help so many creators discover the joy of creating with the DreamBox. Watch the full interview below. 

During the live video we asked our community to respond to the following questions. We picked out a few of the fun responses and wrote them out below. Read more here

Q1: When did you first hear about the DreamBox? 

  • "I first saw DreamBox on Facebook and I told myself 'I WANT THAT!' 🥰" - Juvy A. 
  • "I saw the DreamBox on Facebook & I fell in love .." - Jeanneen S. 
  • "Jennifer Maker's video!" - Renae A. 
  • "Cricut groups is where I first heard about the dream box and I so badly need one to get organized." - Tracy T. 
  • "A friend purchased the original and asked if I’d help build it with her. It was amazing 15+ years ago and has improved ever since." - Kristen S.

Q2: What is your favorite thing about the DreamBox? 

  • "I love that I was able to get all my craft supplies in one place. Didn't realize I had so many different craft supplies. I love having one area to do my crafting in." - Janet H. 
  • "I love that I can hide my crafting away! My hubby is always saying that I have to much stuff out." - Stella T. 
  • "Another thing I love is that it really brings the family together - we open up the dream cart and our family of 6 have so much room to craft together." - Erica M.
  • "The DreamBox is like an invitation to create. It’s the perfect environment to create!" - Kaleena A
  • "I love how everything I use most is easily in reach for my projects and it's so easy to get started on a new project!" - Brianna S. 

Q3: Why do you love to create? 

  • "I love to create as a way to destress and help my anxiety. I love the process even more than the final product. Creating Art myself helps me to be a better teacher." 💕🎨 - Anastasia K. 
  • "Love seeing the reactions of people when I give them a homemade creative gift." - Debbie H. 
  • "I love to create even more that I’m retired now. It’s so relaxing and I like trying to create something different." - Patricia S.  

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