A simple guide to ordering your DreamBox

A simple guide to ordering your DreamBox

Need help deciding what style of DreamBox to order and what customizations will fit your lifestyle? We’re here for you! Every DreamBox comes with a variety of customizable features and we’ll walk you through the options in five easy steps so you can spend less time deciding and more time crafting.



1. Select Your Style

Before you start customizing the contents of your DreamBox, your first step is to choose your favorite DreamBox look. To help you find furniture that suits your personal style and budget, we’ve curated a collection of DreamBox styles that will fit perfectly into your home:


White Ergo

Maybe you prefer a cleaner, more modern feel to your home? If that’s the case, the White Ergo DreamBox will blend in perfectly with the rest of your furniture!


White Shaker

The White Shaker DreamBox features framed doors for a classic and refined look that’s certain to impress.


Farmhouse Grey

Choosing the Farmhouse Grey will add a touch of warmth to your home with a more natural, stained-wood appearance.


2. Choose Your Tote Package

Now that you’ve chosen your favorite style, your next step is to take stock of your supplies and determine which set of InView Totes is best suited for your needs.

The 80-InView Tote Full Set is designed for creators with a variety of supplies that need to be sorted by size, color, shape, etc. Whether you have a large collection of paper, jewelry, fabric, or miscellaneous supplies, the 80-Tote option allows you to incorporate each of your supplies into a simpler, more manageable workflow!

This set is also great for those with craft supplies, office supplies, and other general household items that all need to be gathered in one cohesive space.


If you plan to store a basic set of craft supplies and tools in your DreamBox, or if you have bulkier supplies and machines that might not fit in tight shelving, then the 40-InView Tote Half Set is right for you.

With the 40-Tote option, you’ll have plenty of room between each drawer for yarn, fabric, cutting machines, or other pieces of equipment. We also recommend ordering extra DreamBox Shelves for those needing additional space to hold Medium InView Totes or heavier supplies.


3. Select Pre-Built Vs. DIY Assembly

The simplest option is to save yourself an extra step with the Pre-Built. By getting your DreamBox partially assembled in advance, you can cut out a large portion of time otherwise spent putting it together piece by piece. All that’s left to do when your DreamBox arrives is to attach your swing doors, add shelves, totes, and voilà, you’re done! Want to know a little more? Read Everything You Need To Know About The DreamBox Pre-Built Service.


Of course, if you’re a bit sentimental and handy with a screwdriver, the DIY assembly gives you the complete experience of building your DreamBox from the ground up and is a little easier on budgets. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on building it yourself, see our DIY DreamBox Setup Tutorial.



4. Add Accessories/Make It Your Own

As you go through the DreamBox configurator, you’ll notice a section for adding accessories. These optional accessories are great ways to make your DreamBox even more customized for your creative tasks!


Crown with Light

The Crown with Light is a great accessory for all seasons and provides up to 50,000 hours of LED lighting for all your creative projects, whether that’s mid-day or late at night! We recommend the Crown Light, especially for artists, jewelry makers, sewers, and other creators working on finely-detailed projects.



The 3-Built-in-Drawers provide more easy access storage options and are a great place to hide sharp objects from little ones or simply keep your chocolate stash secret! We recommend using these for small items and tools that you need to keep easily on hand.


The drawers are not recommended for those who seek to store tall sewing machines or other large devices such as monitors or other crafting equipment on the table once it’s closed. By opting out of the drawers, you can expand the center space of your DreamBox and have plenty of room for your desired setup.

Feel like you want to add on more accessories? Take a look at our accessories page and explore extra options to personalize your space according to your crafting type!


5. Take a Virtual Tour with Our Creator Consultants

If you’ve still got questions about your DreamBox setup, feel free to schedule a virtual tour with our DreamBox consultants! They’d be happy to show you the ins and outs of the DreamBox and provide advice based on your crafting type. Click here to schedule your tour.


What Comes Inside The DreamBox?

In addition to the InView Totes that you select with your purchase, your DreamBox also comes with a couple extra bells and whistles to help ensure you have everything needed to store your supplies! Here’s a list of all the items included in your DreamBox purchase:


  • (x1) Center Box
  • (x1) Left Box
  • (x1) Right Box
  • (x2) Swing Doors
  • (x12) Steel Caster Wheels
  • (x21) Adjustable Shelves
  •       (x6) 13"x13"
  •       (x3) 13"x6"
  •       (x2) 13"x35"
  •       (x10) 3"x13"
  • (x12) Acrylic Guards
  • (x16) DreamBox Jars (16 oz.)
  • (x12) Dreambox Hooks
  • (x4) Dreambox Rods
  • (x1) Security Kit


To see the full details on everything that comes with your DreamBox, you can refer to our blog post here.


What’s Next?

Once your DreamBox is fully crafted at our warehouse, we will send a tracking number via email so you can follow your order every step of the way. As it arrives at your local delivery hub, they will contact you to schedule a time for curbside delivery. Usually, the delivery will take place within 2-3 business days.

On the day of your delivery, Box will be placed on your driveway in a crate. We highly recommend that you have a friend or a family member with you to help unbox it and bring your order inside. With an extra pair of hands, you’ll be able to get your Box up and ready in no time!


Get Organized With The DreamBox!

We’d love to know what you plan to do with your new crafting setup! Leave us a comment below or tag us on Instagram at @createroom.com

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