DreamBox 1 vs. DreamBox 2

DreamBox 1 vs. DreamBox 2

Nothing brings us greater joy than helping you get the most out of your craft space. You have a unique creative personality, and we believe your DreamBox should too. Thanks to the valued input from our community, we are thrilled to announce the NEW DreamBox 2, here to help you craft more than ever with a faster set up and take down time, easier access to your treasures, and unmatched customizability. Experience massive joy like never before!


Wondering what advantages the DreamBox 2 has over the DreamBox 1? Read on for a full in-depth comparison and learn about what makes this our Dreamiest DreamBox EVER, including:

    • Maximum efficiency with an all-new easy fold table for faster set up and easier access to your supplies.
    • Increased storage capacity and superior storage options. Goodbye clutter!
    • Unparalleled customizability. Create the DreamBox that perfectly suits your needs.
    • An elevated environment featuring our Deluxe Crown w/Double Light.
    • Enhanced durability with stronger custom hinges and a reinforced frame.


Take a look at our main overview below:


Center Storage

Enjoy more storage than ever with unparalleled customizability.

Starting with the Center Box, you'll notice the DreamBox 2 gives you just over 2" of extra space in width and more customizability for your InView Totes, accessories, machines, monitors, and more. This Box was uniquely designed to give you even more flexibility to create your own custom creative haven. 

The add-on Wooden Drawer Accessory has also been upgraded to include wider storage space, giving you room to store large notebooks, a laptop, an IPad, or a larger assortment of knickknacks and other loose supplies.

Below the table of the DreamBox 2, you’ll enjoy new versatility. Utilize the wider Center Box by storing both machines and InView Totes or doubling up on the totes—it’s up to you!

Side Box & Swing Doors

Organize on your own terms. The Swing Doors now feature more customization than ever!

The Side Boxes & Swing Doors get an upgrade as well in the DreamBox 2. You’ve been asking for more storage solutions for Cricut mats, cutting boards, and other tall, skinny items.

The DreamBox 2 features adjustable shelves for the small notions area, giving you storage options in whichever layout you need. The inner frames of your Side Boxes are also customizable, allowing you to configure your small notions sections on either the left or right side, depending on your needs and preferences.

Both the Center Box and Side Box storage areas are compatible with popular current accessories including the Shallow InView Totes, Paper Organizer, and more. Stay tuned for new accessories customized to the DreamBox 2 including a larger Tool Cubby (as pictured above).

The Swing Doors that fold out from the Side Box now feature stronger, industrial grade hinges to strengthen the frame and provide smoother access to your supplies.

To help you get the most out of the Swing Doors, we've added twice as many holes to double your customization options. This means more layout options for your shelves, hooks, and hanging rods! You can also use the extra holes to create rows of pockets inside your doors.

Integrated Table

Craft more than ever and find more crafting joy with a faster set up and take down time and easier access to your treasures.

Let's take a closer look at one of the dreamiest new features; the EZ table! We've made it faster and easier than ever to set up and start crafting at your DreamBox. The days of lifting and folding out your table are gone. This EZ table simply folds out in one easy motion. The strong custom hinges are there to support all your crafting activities.

With increased width, but decreased depth, you can now reach all your InView Totes from the comfort of your chair. You've been asking for this! There's also even easier access to items below the table, with the table legs out of your way. Overall, it provides a much more manageable flow for your workspace! (Plus, there’s rounded corners for safer movement around your space.)

The sides of the DreamBox 2 table are equipped with our new patent pending SecureLock System for Side Table attachment, ensuring a seamless work area and strong support. It is future ready for additional attachments through this method.

The EZ Table is also designed to level with the Side Tables, DreamCart, and Sew Station for a smoother workspace! 


Quality & Style

Set a new standard for your craft space with unmatched style and enhanced quality.

Last but not least are the quality and style upgrades. The DreamBox 2 now boasts thicker wood quality, stronger hinges, and more value packed in. 

We are excited to announce that the new DreamBox 2 now comes standard with an integrated LED light overhead. Everyone gets a light!

For all those who want even more lighting in their space, you can upgrade to our new Deluxe Crown which adds on second LED light:

The DreamBox 2 exterior has been updated to a beautiful 2-panel White Shaker exterior and is also available in a lovely White Ergo option. If you'd like to personalize your new DreamBox a little more, take a look at our DreamBox exterior blog post for customization ideas!

For further details or questions about the DreamBox 2, click here to explore FAQs, customer reviews, and more!


Give yourself the unique craft space you deserve!


Want help choosing the right setup for you? Our Creator Consultants are fellow creators and own many if not all the products we sell! They are just like you and love helping fellow creators design their perfect setup. Click here to set up a virtual consultation with one of our Consultants.

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