Meet the NEW DreamCart 2

Meet the NEW DreamCart 2

We're thrilled to introduce the DreamCart 2, the latest innovation to our organizational line-up. This versatile furniture piece merges the best of the DreamCart 1 and Cubby into a workstation with more accessible storage on both sides. It also attaches to the DreamBox for added table space, and can easily be moved throughout your work area. As an added bonus, it’s even more affordable at a lower price!

What’s new about the DreamCart 2?

At the heart of the DreamCart 2 is adaptability. Need more table space for your latest project? Simply extend the table leaf to create the perfect work area. Want to keep your supplies neatly organized? The 12 Large InView Totes and removable divider offer customizable storage options, ensuring everything has its own designated place. Take a look below to explore more of what makes the DreamCart 2 the ultimate sidekick for your creative journey.

For information on DreamCart 2 dimensions, layouts, and more, take a look at our DreamCart 2 PDF.


Storage & Organization

With the DreamCart 2’s two-sided storage, you can now craft seamlessly on both sides of the table. This feature allows for easier tote access to your supplies from either side, making it a breeze to craft with family and friends.

The DreamCart 2 now stores 12 Large InView Totes (interchangeable with the DreamBox 2) and is also compatible with the Shallow Totes for easier customization:

Need to change things up? The middle divider can be removed to increase your customization options for machine storage or other layouts. This helps to declutter your work area and free up valuable creative energy otherwise spent on moving supplies back and forth.


Extendable Table Leaf

It’s the perfect way to escape the limits of a cramped workspace! The DreamCart 2 features an extendable table leaf that maximizes table space while providing room for larger tools and supplies.

You can even craft with a friend or fold the table away when not in use, ensuring you have plenty of room to bring your ideas to life.

Lockable Wheels for Effortless Movement

Need to rearrange your crafting space for guests or move the cart from one workstation to another? No problem! The DreamCart 2 comes equipped with wheels for effortless movement (that lock when needed), giving you the flexibility to create the perfect workspace no matter the occasion. 



Compatibility with DreamBox 2

What sets the DreamCart 2 apart, is its seamless integration with the DreamBox 2. Designed to align perfectly with the DreamBox table, the DreamCart 2 expands your crafting space without sacrificing style or functionality. Whether you're working on a small DIY project or tackling a larger endeavor, the DreamCart 2 ensures that your crafting essentials are always within reach.

The Large InView Totes included with your DreamCart 2 are also interchangeable with the DreamBox 2 for your convenience. To learn more about this Dream Duo setup, click here!


For the creators seeking a larger workspace and more organization, this special launch discount is for you: Save $100 on the DreamCart 2 when purchased with the DreamBox!



Craft with confidence knowing that the DreamCart 2 is built to withstand the rigors of daily crafting! Its sturdy construction ensures reliable support for all your essential crafting supplies so you can focus on what matters most – bringing your vision to life.

"I love the option that the DreamCart 2 can be independent and does not need to be attached to the DreamBox 2 unless you want/need it to be attached. I leave mine unattached as I do move my Cart around quite a bit. I love, love, love the flexibility of this feature! I leave my Cart unattached, it is really sturdy! I keep my Cricut on top along with projects and I’ve had no issues." – Nikki G.


What are the main advantages of the DreamCart 2 over the DreamCart 1?

With each model of our furniture, we strive to improve upon the last, and the DreamCart 2 is no exception! From design enhancements to improved functionality, the DreamCart 2 represents a significant step forward in the world of crafting furniture. You can take a closer look at the key differences below:

The new DreamCart 2 will include more of our most popular Large InView Totes (12 instead of 5)!

As a special launch discount, you can purchase the DreamCart 2 for only $399 when combined with the DreamBox 2. Take a look at the Dream Duo setup here!

But don't just take our word for it – hear what other creators have to say about the enhancements and upgrades made to the DreamCart 2.



"The DreamCart 2 has been the PERFECT addition to my DreamBox 2! I decided not to attach the two because my crafts and projects are constantly changing so being able to move the cart and have the extra long workspace that's added from the folding table top is magical. The inserts for the large bins are perfect for storing many of my tiny knick knacks- previously I would throw the little items in a crafty junk drawer but now those smaller pieces are easier to find. The DreamCart 2 also adds that needed space for when my kids want to craft with me.” – Lauren Quigley

For more information on DreamCart 2 features and dimensions, you can visit the product page here.


Is the DreamCart 2 worth the money?

We believe that every creator should have access to quality crafting furniture, which is why we're excited to announce the DreamCart 2 is available at a more budget-friendly price. Because when it comes to crafting, every penny saved is another opportunity towards more creative pursuits!


Crafted with precision and passion, the DreamCart 2 is more than just a piece of furniture – it's a testament to our dedication to providing you with the best possible crafting experience. We believe every crafter deserves a workspace that inspires creativity and fosters productivity, and the DreamCart 2 is our way of making that dream a reality.


Click here or on the image below to see DreamCart 2 details up close!


Shop The NEW DreamCart 2

Purchase the DreamCart 2 for only $399 when combined with the DreamBox 2. To explore the Dream Duo setup, click here!

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