Dreaming Big With Jennifer Maker

Dreaming Big With Jennifer Maker

Jennifer Maker’s creative journey began by crafting with her mom at a young age and has since evolved into a successful brand with over 1 million YouTube subscribers, a team of 31 members, and a highly engaged crafty community!

As her crafting journey expanded, so did her need for organization, which is where the DreamBox came in - and not just one, but FOUR, each serving a different role. From studio backdrops to family crafting hubs and even a space for her husband's miniature model supplies, the DreamBox found its place in Jennifer's home and studio.

In the whirlwind of managing a thriving craft business, staying organized has been crucial for Jennifer. She explains, "The thing that I love most about the DreamBox is that it allows me to organize my supplies and put them away, where I know they have a place and aren’t just in random boxes.”

And with four DreamBoxes under her belt, Jennifer has become a pro at organizing them. She's refined her approach and shares her tried-and-true method. First, she lays out all her supplies on the floor or table, envisioning how they'll fit into the DreamBox space. With accessibility in mind, she decides what stays within easy reach and at eye level, while other items find their place higher up or tucked away beneath the table.

With all her supplies within arm's reach, Jennifer appreciates how effortlessly she can dive into her creative flow. "I absolutely love how I can adjust the doors around me while crafting.” She even coined it her 'crafting cockpit' because it puts everything right where she needs it, allowing her to seamlessly get into the crafting zone.

Jennifer Maker has always been fueled by creativity, from the brand's humble beginnings to its current massive success. She attributes it all to her community, affectionately dubbing them her "boss" as they continually inspire and shape her every move. Receiving photos from people who've followed her tutorials, is the most rewarding part for her and her favorite aspect of her journey.

She says, “I just love to create things! That is what brings me the most joy, At the end of the day, I think about all the things I have made, and all the things I have inspired others to make and that makes me fulfilled!”

If you'd like to see more of Jennifer, take a look at her website www.jennifermaker.com or follow her on Instagram @jennifer.maker

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