3 Ways To Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful This Year

3 Ways To Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful This Year

Thanksgiving is a holiday that many look forward to with great anticipation, but if you're not careful, it will come and go in the blink of an eye! Make Thanksgiving more meaningful this year by planning ahead and living intentionally. Here are three ways to get started: 

1. Start a new tradition 

Traditions are a great way to bring people together. Think about what Thanksgiving means to you and plan something that matches up. Here are a few ideas we like:

  • Gratitude Circle

After dinner, move your chair into a circle. Go around the room three times, having each person list one thing they are thankful for - no repeating!

  • Make Placemats

We love this crafty idea! This is a great activity for kids. On plain white paper, have each person use markers to write out their name. You can also trace their hand and turn it into a turkey! Use glitter, stickers etc. to decorate the paper and don't forget to set them out for Thanksgiving dinner! 

  • Morning Sports 

Get up and get moving! Football is an obvious first thought, but if you're not a football family, try something different! Have you tried pickleball

2. Express appreciation with a handwritten note 

Take a moment to contemplate who has made an impact in your life over the last year. Write that person a note expressing what they mean to you and how they enrich your life. 

If you want to take it a step further, write your note in a handmade card. We've shared instructions for a cute and easy DIY Thanksgiving card in the video below. 

3. Invite someone to share Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether it's an elderly neighbor or a piano teacher, think of someone who may be spending Thanksgiving alone this year. Make your Thanksgiving more meaningful by thinking of others and spreading the holiday joy.  

Happy Holidays!

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