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Heather's sewing room transformation
, Ashley Puriri

From chaos to beauty

"Before, there were so many things out. It was chaotic. Now you come in and my sewing machine is the highlight. You don't get distracted by any mess". 

Heather shared some of the biggest benefits of her new sewing setup. 

  • Workspace stays tidy. It used to be a constant cleaning battle. "Every two weeks I couldn't work because it was so messy. I would just have to stop and take a day to reorganize and clean.... now that I have the DreamBox I never have to spend any time cleaning."
  • No more losing supplies. Things were always being misplaced. "It was either in a bin and messy or on top of any open surface.... Now I always know where everything is. All of it fits in one space. I've never had that." 
  • More time creating. "I was so inspired by having the DreamBox that I made six things in five days. Which usually I make like four things in a month... I could just whip it out so fast because I knew where it all was." 

Heather's setup 

Heather's setup includes the DreamBox and Sew Station. She likes to keep them connected and sew in an "L" shape, for quick access to both machines with just a swivel of her chair. The ability to lower her sewing machine with the electric lifter gives her additional cutting space. 

Why do you create? 

We asked Heather why she is driven to create. Her answer surprised us a bit. 

"Running a household means I have to do everything again and again. The laundry, the dishes... it always gets undone. With sewing, I can complete a project and it stays done. It gives me so much satisfaction. I did it and no one else can undo it."

Experiencing this for herself inspired her to share with others. She has a business called Heather Handmade where she shares tips and tutorials for beginning sewists. 

Visit to see Heather's sewing tutorials and creations. 

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13 thoughts on “Heather's sewing room transformation

  1. avatar Linda Adkins says:

    Totally jealous. Her room is awesome now.

  2. avatar Hollie says:

    I originally started creating because I found it better and buying. I could create for less money, personalize what I was creating all while feeling more invested in the project. Over time, creating has become a must in my life. I find the longer I go without being able to create, the more hectic my life becomes.

  3. avatar Cherri Esezobor says:

    I create each time I make something it is like traveling to a new place you have never been before.

  4. avatar Neptune Pogors says:

    I love to organize all my stuffs or crafts from sewing to crocheting/ knitting and of course my scrapbooking/ card making hobbies. I do have a lot of materials in each categories of my hobbies as I do have slotted times for them like the season. During the winter months I like to do some crocheting/ knitting and make those blankets / bed spreads that graced our beds on winter although I do make some cards around the holidays to send away and make layout and scrapbook the celebration of the year.. it is just so easy and stress free to work in a clean orderly manner when you can see all what you need for all your projects that you are doing. I love the way the original scrap box company designs the containers and how they help you organize everything on its place that you dont need to get stressed out when you are looking for each and every materials you need to use and I plan to have one center for my scrapbooking and another for my crocheting so my craft room will be in orderly manner. Thanks for a nice design and simplicity of the center units…we are liberated from the stress of a messy & chaotic craft or hobby room.

  5. avatar Carol O'Brien says:

    I would love to see a makeover for scrapbooking and how someone has handled all their supplies. I have way to much and I don’t think the BOX is going to be big enough to handle all the things I have. I love to scrapbook, sew, make jewelry, knit and more. I have supplies in three bedroom closets, under beds and in decorative boxes. It is all over my house and it is a pain when I have to go to numerous places to pull out supplies especially when I am scrapbooking. I would love to have everything in one place. My creative time is “my time” especially since I sell real estate and I can work 7 days a week. I thoroughly enjoy being creative and giving my albums away to my family members.

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