How to turn your WorkBox 1.0 into a 3.0

How to turn your WorkBox 1.0 into a 3.0

We love our loyal customers from the beginning and haven't forgotten you.  Below are the steps to upgrade your WorkBox 1.0 or 2.0 to the newest 3.0 version.

Step 1

Upgrade your swing doors*.  

You only have to upgrade the left swing door, but if you prefer shelving over your felt door, we have had many customers buy upgrade kits for both doors! Whatever you choose, you can find the Door Upgrade Kit on our website retailing at $59.95 each.

Step 2

Typically the WorkBox 2.0 is seen with the White Magnetic Boards to hold your dies, and the Crown which comes with a Daylight LED light and looks amazing.  Both are optional accessories to upgrade, but wonderful to have.  Pictured below.

The White Magnetic Boards retail at 24.95 for a pack of 2.  Your WorkBox can hold up to 4, two on each side.  The Crown retails at $249.00 

*If you want all 3 products from the above two steps we also offer the WorkBox Upgrade Kit for $298.85, which can save you $50.00.

Step 3

To upgrade to the WorkBox 3.0 we wish we could go back in time and cut down your build time, but good news is we can provide you with the new clear totes and the extra shelves that come with them.  See below for what the kit includes.

Below is one of our WorkBox 1.0's converted to the WorkBox 3.0

A few things to take notice when you convert your Workbox:

  • you will only be able to fit 75 Clear Totes instead of 79 due to the angle brackets in your WorkBox 1.0 or 2.0. 
  • In the WorkBox 1.0 you can only fit the 12x12 totes in sideways as shown above.
  • Also as you can see if you have the door upgrade kit on the left side as shown in the picture the plastic guards and totes will bump.  It will close, but with more difficulty and could cause cracking.  To work around this you can move your guards back or remove the tote that may be in the way and use it as a shelf as shown in the picture above.              


You've now gone from you 1.0 to 3.0 in three easy steps.  If you have any questions about colors matching or installation, please see the individual product pages below:

Door Upgrade Kit

White Magnetic Boards

WorkBox Crown

WorkBox Ultimate Upgrade Kit

Clear Totes

If you still have more questions feel free to reach out to customer service at:
(801) 226-2686

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