10 incredible ways the DreamBox has helped our creator community

10 incredible ways the DreamBox has helped our creator community



It's important to do more of what you love, especially in the space of your own home! We love hearing from creators how the DreamBox has helped them rediscover their creative goals. Here's what they had to say:


1. From disaster to brand new craft room


"My craft room was the biggest victim of a devastating monsoon "super cell" that flooded our home. So much was damaged beyond use I was nearly starting over. The house had to be taken down to studs and we lived in an RV for 8+months awaiting supply chain issues. Pretty devastating to say the least. That's when I realized it was time to do something I had previously thought was extravagant (for me)...order a new craft room: The DreamBox!

Sitting in an RV became fun, what accessories, how many totes, and on and on. Something positive to focus on. I wanted to take advantage of a holiday sale but had no home for delivery. The folks at Create Room said "No problem. We'll keep it until you do have a house...which they did for many months! Now, we have a house and a shiny new craft room...my DreamBox.

I looked at the old storage methods I used before and was amazed at the hundreds of dollars I had spent...all for "no-exactly-right" storage answers to keeping all my craft supplies in different areas. NOT convenient vs. a well-built, exactly-right piece of furniture filled with everything I need in one convenient spot. Do yourself a favor...get one!" –Cheri N.


2. 'Cake Art' by Lorraine

"The DreamBox is truly a dream. I am a cake artist and I have accumulated so many cake tools over the years. I had them in my husband's study, in the kitchen, in plastic drawers, in the basement. Just all over! When I saw an ad for the DreamBox I thought it was what I needed.

As I was moving all of my cake things into my DreamBox, I kept thinking it would not hold everything but it kept blowing me away as I kept finding empty totes to fill. It feels SO wonderful to have all of my cake tools in one central location. Every time I open my Dreambox, it gives me so much joy." –Lorraine J.


3. "The Gift"

"My husband was scammed from a random website prior to a deployment. He intended for it to be a surprise for me. A couple of months later he was Killed In Action. When I moved into my forever home, I decided to place my order for my DreamBox while tears rolled down my face. Now that it’s in its place, I absolutely love how much of my crafting stuff it holds. I did change my order from DiviDrawers to the InView Totes and don’t regret it one bit.

I purchased it as a DIY and with our sons help we got it together with no issues. It was actually a bonding experience because he loves stuff like that. It’s named “The Gift” because it was intended to be a gift to me. Our daughter uses it as much as I do and it’s also nice to be able to tell the kids where something is that they need. I can’t wait for several years down the road to have my grand babies also enjoy it." –Amy G.


4. Unlocking a new creative passion

"I retired at the beginning of the pandemic and started creating. Lusted over the DreamBox for too long! Finally got it this year and I am soooo happy. I bring everyone in to see it. I am constantly gathering materials and supplies & love having everything in one place. I am an “outie” so I need to see everything and I never ever close it! Like why would I do that?" –MaryLee M.

5. A true craft room transformation

"My craft room had a lot of cool stuff and was cluttered. The remodel wasn’t planned, but when it happened I was looking at cabinets and shelves. Then my sister sent me a picture of the DreamBox. This was exactly what I needed. My most used items together and easily-accessible. A true dream come true!" –Darlene M. 


6. Clearing out the mess

"I’m a crafter and I'm not the best, but I like to craft nonetheless. I love using my Cricut to make T-shirts and canvases, but I just ordered a mug press so I'm learning how to do that now and further expanding my skills. I also crochet and I do arts & crafts projects with my 11-year-old daughter. She loves to make bracelets, rock art, and paintings. All those supplies added up over time and my "workshop" (thats what I call my office/craft room) was a mess. My husband gave me the green light to buy myself a DreamBox for Christmas and I felt like I won the lottery.

It finally arrived and I couldn't wait to put it together. I assembled it almost all by myself which I am so proud of. Just needed a hand to lift some of the heavier pieces. I waited for all my totes to arrive and then I began decorating. Having the DreamBox in my workshop honestly makes my house look prettier and less cluttered. It's the first thing I show people when they come over and everyone is just blown away. I love it and it's definitely one of the best purchases I've made." –Alicia D.

7. Her crafting haven

"We just moved to our forever home. I have a casita (guest house) that is my crafting space and storage for my holiday decorations. I have always wanted a DreamBox, so when we moved here my husband wanted me to get one for Mother's Day to complete my space. My daughter and son-in-law also contributed as a Mother's Day gift and birthday present. I still have work to do to make it prettier than it already is but I love it!" –Linda E.


8. Creating room for joy

"Let the fun/scrapbooking begin! I've wanted one of these for YEARS. I kept saying "it's not a necessity", or "when I pay this or that off", or "someday". Then I said, "I'm going to do it" and I did. Remember that o'l saying all work and no play...well sometimes you just need to play!" –Tammy S.


9. A Cricut Crafter's Solution

"When I first knew I wanted this DreamBox, I made plans. I changed my paint color, got fresh carpet, and got rid of two clunky pieces of furniture to make room. This DreamBox has been a god-send. I use it not just for organizing my Cricut machine and Cricut supplies, but I use the table for Diamond Art painting. I have a chair that I roll in between my desk and my DreamBox. If you are on the fence about getting it, hop over and GET ONE!!" –Robyn S.


10. Creating a space of her own

"The DreamBox has changed my life! I was moved to a cramped space since my mother-in-law moved in with us, and felt little motivation to be creative or spend any time in that unhappy space. Since getting my DreamBox, my creativity has soared and I can’t wait until the next time I get to spend time in my new calming space!" –Kim H.


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