Knitting and Crochet Organization Tips

Knitting and Crochet Organization Tips

Every craft comes with its own unique set of tools and materials. In this case, giant needles, tiny scissors and a healthy stash of yarn—can you really ever have too much? The DreamBox is customizable according to your own individual organization needs, but sometimes it helps to get ideas from other crafters like yourself. Read on for organization tips from three knitting and crochet experts. 

Toni of TL Yarn Crafts


Tip #1: Being a crocheter means having lots of odds and ends laying around. Keep notions like stitch markers, tape measures, and scissors organized in a slim storage tote.



Tip #2: I love practicing new stitches and techniques. That's why I keep my favorite craft books close at hand. Curate your craft library on the shelves just above the desk. 



Tip #3: As the seasons change, I like to organize new collections of my favorite yarns. The beginning of fall is in the air, so this series of hand-dyed yarn blends the best parts of spring and autumn.


Jessica of The Hook Nook


Tip #1: One of my favorite storage opportunities are the “cup” type spaces in the doors of the DreamBox because they are LITERALLY perfect to organize crochet hooks and knitting needles. The base model even comes with metal rods that can attach to the door as well that I’ve used to store my circular knitting needles (it easily pops in and out to grab what I need).



Tip #2: Over the years I have amassed a large collection of scissors because they seem to eventually grow legs and disappear. AM I RIGHT OR WHAT?! I couldn’t tell you where half of the scissors went, but I’ve found a few and stuck those suckers in my DreamBox onto the included hooks that are in the door. I haven’t ever misplaced a pair of scissors since and I immediately know when someone steals a pair - and it gets put back. ;) (thanks, kids..)



Tip #3: An optional add-on I chose to include with my DreamBox is the Power Package which, honestly, is essential for any crafter. The power strip includes four regular outlets as well as two USB ports so you KNOW I have my printer, pencil sharpener, computer charger, phone charger, and iPad charger all connected, and I still have an extra outlet unused. Having all of these devices so conveniently close and the ability to keep charged, is such a huge help. Honestly, this thing wouldn’t be the same without this piece.


Bethany of Whistle and Ivy


Tip #1:  Use the inserts to keep small notions organized, I found it especially useful for organizing safety eyes and a quick place to grab needles and measuring tapes, items that I use/need for most projects.



Tip #2: Keep small balls and skeins of yarn in the bins, organized by type. I love to keep all the same types of yarn together, that way I can see which colors I have to work with in one place.



Tip #3Keep buttons organized by hue AND size. I don't like digging through small buttons to find chunky ones! Keeping them separated helps me find what I need quickly!



Looking for even more ideas? Let Cristie take you on a tour of her yarn-filled DreamBox. 



Originally published Oct 1st, 2020. Last updated Jun 2nd, 2023.

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