Knowing your organizing style can change your life!

Knowing your organizing style can change your life!

Cas Aarssen, creator of the ClutterBug Philosophy, says she struggled with organization for years, but eventually went on an amazing journey from 'Super Slob' to 'Organizing Expert!' Once she recognized the different organizing styles and knew which style she fit into, it was easy to design a system that helped her get organized for good.

Now with her popular YouTube channel, podcast and blog, she is spreading the word and teaching others how to organize on a budget.

We know that organization is on your mind and we want to help you be successful. Keep reading to learn more about the ClutterBug Philosophy, discover your organization style and learn how to use that knowledge to your advantage! 

The ClutterBug Philosophy  

The ClutterBug Philosophy is founded on the idea that there are four types of organization: the Ladybug, Bee, Cricket, and Butterfly. Each of these organization types focus on distinct needs with visual and practical organization.




Ladybugs are beautiful on the outside, but struggle to not be messy on the inside. They are stressed out by surface clutter so they tend to have junk drawers to keep their mess hidden. They struggle to find the time to maintain a daily organizing system that requires time and effort. 


Clutterbug says pretty baskets are a ladybugs best friend! Using baskets can help keep your home pretty and clutter free while giving you easy access to your items! Ladybugs should try to set aside 30 minutes a week to reorganize one area in your home. Having scheduled time to organize can help make it a priority and easier to accomplish! shows how they organized their linen closet

Our solution:

The DreamBox enables Ladybugs to store their supplies inside our clear InView Totes and have a beautiful framework on the outside. Ladybugs can close their DreamBox so that it is visually simple and neat to them and their guests. 


If they'd like to keep their Box open, they can create inserts for their totes to hide their supplies behind. Click here to learn more. 




Bees are very visual. They love to see their unfinished works and typically have several projects going on simultaneously. They often leave these projects out, believing they will come back to finish them. They really like to hold on to stuff and think everything will have a future benefit. Open shelving with clear containers is typically the best option for bees. 


An organizing solution for all of those projects is project boxes! This way you can have your projects still all together, but out of the way. Another great option is a pegboard! With pegboards you can still visually see your tools and items, but you have more available workspace and less clutter. Try to not have more than three projects going on at once. Bees LOVE projects, but keeping the amount of current projects down to three will help keep your space clean.

This giant wooden peg board DIY by Mandi from is to die for! 

Our solution:

The InView Totes are perfect for creating project boxes. Many of our customers mention they didn't have an ideal solution to store their unfinished projects before the DreamBox. For smaller projects, or for organizing papers in one place, we recommend using the Shallow InView Totes to help save space in your DreamBox.


Crickets truly are perfectionists.

Unfortunately, they often don't have the time to perfectly organize so sometimes they end up not organizing at all. They prefer minimal clutter and they LOVE to micro-organize everything. They prefer having an organization style that is very meticulous and hidden. Crickets prefer visual simplicity on the outside. 



Embrace 'good enough' organizing. Crickets can get more accomplished if they loosen their need for exact perfection. Setting a timer while organizing can help crickets stay focused on the task at hand and not overdo their organizing. Clutterbug also says a labeler can be your best friend! Label boxes, containers, file folders and everything else to help you put things away properly!



Katie H from explains how to label everything at home!

Our solution:

The DreamBox allows you to make detailed organizing quick and easy. This way you will be much less likely to procrastinate. The Shallow InView Totes and  Plastic Notions Tray Inserts are perfect for the micro-organizing that crickets crave.




Butterflies are incredibly visual! If it is out of sight, it is out of mind and might as well not exist. They love to have quick and easy access to the things they love the most. They are not detail oriented in organizing and they fear forgetting what they have.


Hooks are a butterflies best friend. Eliminating doors from closets can help create an open area. Draw out your space beforehand and get a clear vision of our space. This will encourage you to not get distracted. 

We are in LOVE with Ana White's DIY wood closet idea! 

Our solution: 

Using the DreamBox and keeping it open can help butterflies have quick access and sight to their items so they don't forget anything essential to them. 

The clear InView Totes will be their best friends! Butterflies can also label the totes to keep an organization system that best suits them. 



Which bug are you? 

Still not sure? Take the quiz to find out and tell us your results in the comments below!

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