Meet The Maker: Desiree Reinhard of Made By Mermaids
, Ashley Puriri

Meet Desiree 

Desiree has found jewelry making to be a form of therapy. She goes to her "mermaid room" after a long day and feels rejuvenated while dreaming up her next piece of art. We loved meeting her and couldn't wait to share this beautiful and talented lady with all of you! 
Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever made? 
Yes!! I was collecting a lot of sea-glass. It was a blue-green colored necklace that I wire wrapped. At the time, I remember being so impressed with my work. Now I look back and see how much I have grown!!
What is your favorite/least favorite part of the creative process? 
Favorite - when I wake up and have an idea in my head and spend my entire day creating until it come to fruition! Best feeling ever!! 
Least - when I feel creative block! Shaking that is pretty tough. 
Do you ever get into a creative rut? 
Yes! All the time!! That’s part of the process. As mentioned — it is my least favorite part of being a crafter! That being said it always brings me to a new creation that I probably would not have thought of before. 
What do you do to get out? 
I usually step away. I take some time for myself. I spend time with my husband or family and friends. When I am feeling defeated it’s usually because I am over worked, stressed, or rushing to get things done. When I reflect on what’s important, that’s when the ideas begin to flow and my creations are their best!
How have you made your creative space all your own? 
I have made it my own Mermaid Paradise! It’s important to me to have crystals all around and I keep a lot of positive messages where I can see them. I love that it is the place I can go after a long day just to unwind. Having my WorkBox 3.0 makes it even better. Everything is organized and I can get right to working on whatever project comes to mind. I added my own row of ribbons using a paint brush that I cut (lol). I also keep my favorite books, design book, and product catalogs front and center! 
What are some of your other hobbies or interests? 
I love to cook! If I wasn’t doing this, I am certain I would do something in the culinary world. I also enjoy a nice glass of wine, a good book or binge watching a great show! Current favorites: Game of Thrones, Shameless and The Handmaids Tale. 
What is up next for Made By Mermaids?
Desiree is launching a podcast next month called "Mermaid for this Podcast."
Mermaid for this Podcast focuses on topics from self-development, entrepreneurship, creativity, navigating our hectic lives and being the boss that you are! After all, you were made for this!! Tune in every Monday for new discussions!
Although for now I am focused on my holiday update and my new vintage and antique collection. In the future I’d love to open a small boutique in the town I live in,  filled with mermaid jewelry, home decor, clothing, and antique repurposed jewelry! 

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