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Meet The Maker: Layne Dasher of Crafty Life Mom
, Ashley Puriri

Meet Layne

Layne found a love of art at a young age when her mother signed her up for painting classes. In college, she loved crafting with her sorority for activities and events. But, it wasn't until some years later that she really discovered her passion for creating. A car accident resulted in a broken thumb and her doctor suggested she take up beading or knitting to help heal her hand. She taught herself how to make jewelry and, in the process, caught the creative bug! 
She was soon experimenting with vinyl and embroidery - anything she could get her hands on! Recently, she left her corporate life behind to craft and run her blog, Crafty Life Mom full time. She wanted and craved more flexibility and the ability to be home with her little ones, not missing a single moment of their lives as they grow.
Q: What is your favorite/least favorite part of the creative process? 
A: My favorite part is the variety of requests I receive each day from my customers. I am always up for a challenge. It is almost like solving a puzzle for them. Especially when they know what result they want, they just don't know how to to get there. That's where I come in. I either create it for them or teach them the way. I love when someone absolutely loves something I've made for them, but I love it, even more, when they created themselves and I taught them. That's the best!
My least favorite part.... getting stuck. Some it forces me to think out a different plan. And if time isn't on your side, then being stuck is not fun!
Q: Tell us about your craft space! 
A: So my first ever craft room was in a condo I owned before getting married. Once we bought our house I had a much bigger room. Our first son was born, and then we had boy/girl twins. When they were about 18 months old, I gave up my craft room to my daughter. That's where the Workbox saved me! I fit a whole room in that box. At first, I had the workbox in our front formal living room. 
About a year ago, I took over our formal dining room (since we aren't really formal) and made the space my own craft room office! I absolutely love it and the setup. 
Layne recently added the Studio Tower to her craft space! 
 I love the Studio Tower because I have fabrics and threads all right next to my embroidery machine and can just swivel the tower when I need something for an embroidery project! It holds so much fabric and all of my threads. I even have room to buy more threads and other supplies! LOL! A true crafters dream. 
Q: Where do you find inspiration? 
A: I find inspiration everywhere! My friends and family are always contributing to my ideas even when they don't realize it. And ideas are always brewing, even when I sleep. Maybe I will get to them all someday!
Q: What are some of your other hobbies or interests? 
A: I am a mom, so my hobbies include my kids' activities like soccer and dance. We just went on our first camping trip as a family which was fun! So maybe there is a little more of that in our future. I also really enjoy decorating my house and making it a home. I know that I share a lot of this in my DIYs and projects on the blog, however, I love making it ours season to season.
Q: What is up next for you? 
A: I want to grow Crafty Life Mom and be able to teach others how to craft and additionally [teach others] how to make money crafting. I truly love sharing what I know with others. I am currently writing a book about all of my experiences and the process to truly make money crafting. I have created and sold my creations through craft shows, markets and to local boutiques and online with platforms like Etsy. I've sold wholesale, including thousands at a time to large audiences like Zulilly and Plum District. I have also sold through my own e-commerce website. I've learned so much the process over the last 8 years and want to teach and share what I know.  Who knows I may even offer classes or full-on craft courses in the future.

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