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Mermaid Makeup Tutorial with Kali Chris
, Ashley Puriri

Kali Chris with The Original ScrapBox 

We had so much fun working with professional hair and makeup artist Kali Chris to bring you this mermaid makeup tutorial just in time for Halloween!

The EZ View Desk kept all of Kali's tools and supplies organized and at arm's reach as she worked through the tutorial. 

"The fun part about Halloween makeup is that you can take your own twist on it. Don't be critical, if it doesn't look exactly like this or another tutorial you are following. Let it be your own creation!" - Kali Chris

Let's get to work!

Materials Needed:



  • Mini - Clear Rubber Bands
  • Bobby Pins
  • Hairspray
  • 1"-2" Flat Iron 
  • Clips 

Estimated Time: 

  • 45min - 1.5 hours 

Step 1: Scales

We'll start with the scales, the groundwork for the mermaid look!

  • Pull the hair back and out of the model's face.
  • Cut a 6 to 8 inch (un-stretched) section from the leg of the fishnet stocking (so that it is open on both ends) and place it over the model's head.

    • Using a shimmery eye shadow palette, find the medium to dark blue tones and load your foundation flat brush. Start by working from the top, focusing on the forehead and cheekbones. You'll want to press the makeup in and take care to hold the fishnet in place, as you will lose the fishtail pattern if it is moving around too much. Work through the chin and jawline next.   
    • Layering on top of the blue, press in a dark purple shadow to create contour under the cheekbone and along the jawline.
    • Remove the fishnet and inspect. If there are areas where you want to enhance the scales, hold the net in place and add a lighter color of shadow to highlight. 

    Expert Tips:

    • Use size XL fishnet, so it isn't too tight on the model's face
    • Use makeup with a shimmery base for extra shine 
    • Use contouring and highlighting patterns to add depth (try using darker colors to surround her cheekbone)

      Step 2: Glitter and Jewels 

      Now that we have the mermaid base, it's time to play with glitter and jewels!

      • When applying glitter, it is helpful to use an adhesive spray to help it stick to the brush. Kali recommends Mac Fix+. Spray adhesive (or water) onto a large blush brush. 
      • Dip damp blush brush into glitter and apply by lightly dabbing onto the forehead and cheekbones as you see fit.
      • Directly apply a small amount of craft glue to jewels and/or sequins and then place onto skin. Allow it to dry for a few minutes before moving on.

        Expert Tips: 

        • Apply sequins along the cheekbone to frame their face
        • Instead of using generic craft glue, there are specific 'jewel or sequin' adhesives available at any craft store

          Step 3: Eyes 

          We'll use a mix of both shimmer and matte palettes to achieve the mermaid eyes.

          • Apply an eyeshadow primer onto the eyelid, all the way up to the brow.
          • Start with the matte palette and apply a mixture of green and blue shadows to your loader brush. Using your loaded brush, apply the dark shadows starting from the inner eye crease towards the end of your brow, and then slightly under your lower lashes. Use a blender brush to smooth.
          • Choose a desired pink or purple shadow and apply to the main lid - tap and blend into the crease. 
          • Now to add some shimmer! Use adhesive spray or water to dampen a clean loader brush. Then load with a light pink shimmer shadow and start from the tear duct and work towards the middle of the eyelid. 
          • Optional - curl the lashes with a curling tool.  
          • Apply black mascara. 
          • Apply fake eyelashes by adding glue to the fake lash. Give it time to dry a bit before attempting to stick it to the eye. Should be tacky, not slippery. 
          • Apply black eyeliner cream with an angle brush. Start from inner corner and work to outer corner, adding a pin-up wing. 

          Expert Tips 

          • Use waterproof mascara to help the look last longer
          • Kali recommends the brand Ardell for fake lashes 

          Step 4: Lips & Hair  

          To complete the look, finish up with the lips and hair. 
          •  With the color of your choice, apply matte lip liner, filling in entire lip. 
          • Add a little gloss.
          • Secure the fishnet over the lip and tap in purple shimmer shadow to add scales. 
          • Play with hair color and styles. Kali did a messy fishtail and flat iron curls. 

          And there you have it! Watch the video below, to see the full mermaid transformation from start to finish. Kali recommends the EZ View Desk to anyone who has a lot of tools and supplies to keep organized! "It's amazing and makes my job so much easier!" 


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