NEW DreamBox 2 Reviews

NEW DreamBox 2 Reviews

The new DreamBox 2 was inspired by our community. We have been listening! From easier access to supplies, a faster setup, and all new customizability, it truly is the dreamiest DreamBox ever. We couldn’t wait to get it into the hands of real crafters! 

Here's what they had to say... 



DreamBox 2 Tester: Shaylene T.

Favorite thing about the new DreamBox 2: “All the new features are amazing! The new hinges are strong and durable. I know that the DreamBox 2 can support all my heavy materials and that it is built to last! I do a lot of my artwork at night and the double lights do wonders for my darker space. I have a tendency to knock my feet into table legs so the new table is perfect! I can sit down and easily and have lots of leg space! Also, despite not having the legs for support, the new table design has incredibly strong hinges; I know it can support any materials I have. I honestly have no complaints.” 

Review: “The DreamBox 2 is the best investment! I get so much use out of it. I am able to sit down easily with any amount of time that I have and create. It has endless possibilities for organization that I can organize for all my changing and growing needs. Because my equipment is organized and visible and my work flow is streamlined, I am continually inspired and have been more creative than ever! One of the most important values for me is quality and the quality of the DreamBox 2 is phenomenal! I know it will last a lifetime. Truly, the best investment; not just for my tools and equipment, but for my creative energy too! I love it!”


DreamBox 2 Tester: Niki G. 

Favorite thing about the new DreamBox 2: There is so much that I love about the DreamBox 2. It is well made and sturdy. I wondered if all my paper and other crafting supplies would be too heavy but it's not too heavy at all! My box is a champ and is holding everything without showing any signs of stress. I like the upgraded hardware which adds to the strength and aesthetics of the box. The leg-less table design is great, it feels secure and is a nice depth where I can reach many items from my seated position at the table. I love having what I need and use most right at my fingertips. The overhead lights are quite helpful and I can see so much better when I'm assembling and cutting things out. The totes are a sturdy semi-flexible material that I appreciate and they work well for my storage needs.

The most surprising thing for me about the DreamBox 2 is how much room it has to store my crafting supplies. Seriously, it's amazing! I love to come into my creation studio and just look at my DreamBox 2 and smile at how I am now super organized! And because I am organized, I get to create more efficiently and spread happiness to more people since I am no longer wasting time digging through boxes, bins and closets to find what I'm looking for because it's all in one place!

Oh my, can I just give a HUGE shout out and thank you to the building, packaging and shipping department? They are awesome! My DreamBox 2 delivery was very smooth. The delivery driver was careful and put it as close to my front door as possible. There was no damage to the outside of the box upon delivery. Once opened, the pieces were all very well packaged and labeled without any damage.

Review: I love my DreamBox 2! It is truly a dream come true! It is well built with upgraded hardware and design. I am now organized with supplies at my fingertips to get crafting and creating right away. For me, the highlights of the DreamBox 2 are the quality, strength, customizability and amount of storage available. I highly recommend the DreamBox 2!


DreamBox 2 Tester: Sherri B. 

Favorite thing about the new DreamBox 2: The fold down work table!

Review: I absolutely love it! It has brought the joy of creating back in my life.


Craft Blogger: Jennifer Maker

Favorite thing about the new DreamBox 2: The table is my favorite thing about the new DreamBox 2. It's so easy to open and close, and there are NO legs.

Review: I'm in love with the new DreamBox 2, and I think it's taken an already great product to new heights. I really appreciate all the thoughtful touches -- the metal shelf holders, the plug holes, the blunter table corners, the LED light(s), and all the configurable ways you can customize it now. Great job, Create Room!

Read Jennifer's full review HERE.


Craft Blogger: Corinne, Slay at Home Mother

Favorite thing about the DreamBox 2: “Where do I start?! I love the new storage options in the DB2! The hinges are stronger, the table feels even sturdier, and I love the added lighting so whether you have the crown or not - you always have lighting.” 

Review: The DB2 has a lot of updates, and it shows! For the price tag, I feel the DreamBox 2 is sturdy and allows for more storage to accommodate so many different crafting needs. The configuration options are also incredible, I love how you can choose the option that really lines up with your lifestyle (work, crafting, etc.). Great work, team!  

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Creator Consultant: Desiree Reinhard

“I loved my DreamBox 1, but I have to say I absolutely LOVE the DreamBox 2. All of the improvements are perfect for me! My favorite part is the new table. I open and close my DreamBox every day because I don't want my son getting into things. This table is SO much easier and has cut down the time it takes to set up, giving me more time to craft. I also love that I can now reach the totes from my chair with less table depth. The rounded corners are also a huge improvement.  

The new double light crown option is amazing. For me, it has been dramatically better than the one light I had before (my room is very dim at night), but I love that every customer now gets a light standard with their DreamBox! 

I love the new customization options in the swing doors, especially that I can move the pockets and hook shelves! It allows me to keep certain things out of reach from my son. 

I love that there are more totes underneath the table that gives me more storage. The extra holes for electrical cords allow me to put my printer down below.

The quality has improved so much. I love the 2 panel door and my husband is thrilled with the hinges. They are so much stronger. Love the DreamBox 2!!"

Book a live tour or chat with Desiree HERE to get all your questions answered! 


Create Room Co-Founder: Yvonne Hubert

Our Co-Founder, Yvonne, uses one DreamBox as her home office and the other as a craft station! 

“I love the DreamBox 2 because it is a culmination of so many years of ideas and suggestions from creators. So many behind the scenes employees have spent hundreds of hours testing, inventing, reworking, and creating so the DreamBox 2 can be in more homes, bringing crafting heaven to my fellow crafters. I love the lights, the table, the customization, the InView totes, and the organization! The DreamBox 2 is beautiful!💞”

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