New Year Resolution: Organize

New Year Resolution: Organize

Is this finally your year to organize it all?  How do you do it?  What's the simplest way you can do it?  Is it about money or simplicity or both?

Free/ Cheap/ DIY Options

Tic Tac Ribbon Organization

If you are a Tic Tac lover and have empty cases lying around, or want to treat yourself to plenty of Tic Tac's,  you can make one of these to help organize your ribbons.  Source is below for more information.  Cost $8.53 for a pack of 12 on amazon.

IKEA Raskog Cart Organization

Enjoy a mobile cart next to you when you are working on certain projects or when you are in a group easily share materials!  Cost is $29.99 from Ikea.  Thank you to Laura Vorlicek for this idea.  She said on building this, "I spray painted them AFTER they were assembled :) I used the rustoleum paint in "ocean mist" for the mint and plastikote paint in "cameo pink" for the pink cart. I also spray painted some plastic containers to match using a plastic primer beforehand."  Source link below.

Organizing Embroidery Floss

The best part of this is you will always have the start of the floss without untangling!  Source below.

I can imagine using this for so many different things!  Beads, buttons, notions... The possibilities are endless!  Source and instructions below.

Costs $$, but Great!

Plastic Tote Organization Idea:

One of my biggest suggestions for organizing your craft room is to use clear bins. It allows you to see all of your supplies without having to dig through all of them!  Cost from $5 - $25 per container.

You also have the option of trying out our Clear Totes to help organize your things.  They come in packs of 79 with various sizes. Cost $350 for the set.

The WorkBox 3.0 

What we like to call the Queen of Crafting, the Workbox 3.0 becomes the ultimate crafting work station.  Cost starting at $1495.  To see more organizing products come see our other Products Here.


Tic Tac Ribbon Organization: Good Housekeeping

IKEA Raskog Cart Organization: Laura Vorlicek

Organizing Embroidery Floss: Heather JS Life

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