Our Favorite Tips On Halloween Decor with Jennifer Perkins

Our Favorite Tips On Halloween Decor with Jennifer Perkins

Add a dash of magic to your DreamBox this Halloween with a couple of spooky décor tips from Jennifer Perkins. As an avid collector of all things vintage, crafty, and kitschy, she never fails to impress with her holiday decorations. Since Halloween is easily one of her favorite holidays of all time, Jennifer was more than willing to share with us the many different ways in which she decorates her DreamBox. Check out some of her tips below to get an edge on your DreamBox decorations this Halloween!

Here's a few wise words from our favorite Halloween expert, Jennifer Perkins:

I like to remind people when it comes to holiday decorating, paintings are not bolted to walls, vignettes are not attached to tables, and shelf arrangements are not forever. It’s fine to put everyday things away for a few months to swap out with something festive. This is great advice when it comes to your creative space because you will feel that much more inspired for holiday crafting!

When it comes to Halloween decorating, I don’t play around. Hardly any space in my home is left out (I’ve been known to decorate bathrooms for Halloween). That being said, my DreamBox is no exception. My craft space is a focal point in my home so it only makes sense that if I’m giving everything else the trick-or-treat treatment, why would I leave out my DreamBox? Here are a few ideas:


Give your DreamBox Crown a makeover

My DreamBox crown has been adorned with pink garlands and vintage cards for Valentine’s Day, flashing lights and ornaments for Christmas, so it only makes sense that it gets a Halloween makeover. In the past I’ve displayed large colorful lightweight faux pumpkins up top and also covered the entire crown with easy-to-make paper bag pinwheels. Just use double-sided tape to attach to the crown.

Add some spice to your InView™ Totes

Giving your drawers a quick and easy holiday update is as easy as cutting paper. Choose your favorite Halloween themed scrapbook paper and cut to the size of the front of your InView™ totes. Use a small piece of clear double sided tape to adhere to the fronts of the drawers.

Photos by Jennifer M. Ramos

Display your spookiest decorations on the DreamBox shelves

The three center shelves of my DreamBox hold vintage lunch boxes full of craft supplies. What I put in front of those lunch boxes and on display changes seasonally. Currently, I have a handmade werewolf paintbrush holder, vintage Halloween candy jar and Dracula gel pen caddy.

Photos by Jennifer M. Ramos

Liven up your workspace

Decorating for the holidays should not trump functionality when it comes to your DreamBox. However, I’m a sucker for a spooky shelfie makeover. This year I’ve put an array of vintage Halloween blow molds and trick-or-treat pails in my space along with a selection of orange and black spine books. The pails still hold craft supplies and a majority of the books are art or craft related, they just happen to match the theme.

Don't forget the doors!

I tend to keep the doors on my DreamBox wide open because I love being inspired by the color coded drawers of pompoms, rows of craft paint, and DreamBox Jars full of trinkets. However, when I do close the doors at Halloween, I’ve been known to add a couple of jumbo googly eyes to the door just for good measure.

Photos by Jennifer M. Ramos

Collect your own supply stash

I am a Jill of all trades and a master of some. In other words, one day I might be painting in an art journal and the next I’m whipping up a batch of T-shirt yarn. It’s part my creative ADD and also part of my job. I tend to keep my holiday themed craft supplies separate from my everyday stash and put it away with my holiday décor. Just as I get the pumpkins out, I also get out my stash of Halloween craft supplies. I switch out a few drawers in my DreamBox during those seasons with holiday themed craft supplies. That way, when I’m in the mood to paint a witch planter or do a scrapbook layout of a trip to the pumpkin patch, I’m ready!


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