Plan Your Inspiration Space

Plan Your Inspiration Space

Get ready to craft again 

We are often asked, "How do I prepare for the arrival of my DreamBox? I’ve never had an inspiring space of my own. How do I approach this?"

We've put together a best practices guide to walk you through the process. Soon, all of your craft tools and materials will be organized and within reach, in a room that is all your own. 

It's a journey that will lead you back to the joy of crafting. We promise. 

Step 1: Gather it all up 

Retrieve the tools and materials you’ve stashed in the various rooms of your home—the totes in the laundry room, the bins in the spare bedroom, your surplus in the garage. While you’re collecting, be sure to include any projects-in-process, such as the fabric you cut into a pattern but never got around to sewing. 

Step 2: Power sort all items  

Yarns, fabrics, paints, scissors, papers… lay it all out where you can see it. Identify any duplicates.

Group the individual items into larger categories. Gather tape, glue and spray-fixative into an adhesive category. Fabric, threads, embellishments, and buttons should come together for sewing, etc. 

Note: At this point in the process, with all your supplies in front of you, you may be tempted to blame yourself for all the double buying— but it's not your fault! Tools and materials out-of-sight are truly out-of-mind. Worry not, your new organization system will keep everything in clear view and eliminate the tendency to re-purchase stuff you already own.   

Step 3: Identify your craft activities 

Now that your materials are sorted, take out a pen and paper (or grab them from their respective piles) and make three lists: (1) crafts you do regularly, (2) crafts you do every-so-often, and (3) crafts you hope to do one day.  

Next, tag each pile according to the list it falls under. Perhaps with different colored Post-it notes or stickers. 

Step 4: Say your goodbyes 

Take a close look at your hope-to-do piles. Once you're crafting again regularly (because you can find everything!) do you see yourself using these things in the next month, or even three months? If the answer is no, you may want to consider donating the tools and supplies to a charity or a fellow crafter. 

This is also a good time to clear out the duplicates and any piles that didn't even make the hope-to-do list. 

Step 5: Map out the space

This is an important step that will set the tone for many future crafter-noons to come. Fight the urge to skip ahead!  

Take a good look at the DreamBox layout and imagine yourself working there in full blown craft mode. What tools will you reach for most often? Which machines must be highly accessible?  

You may find it helpful to dedicate sections of your Box to specific craft types. We call this zoning. Use this printable download to map out the space and identify your zones.

Be sure to specify which totes will be reserved for each section—there are three sizes. And remember, shelving is vertically adjustable. 

Step 6: Make it pretty 

Now that you've got things mapped out for function, it's time to put on your designer hat. You're going to be spending a lot of time here and it's important that you not only like the way it looks, but that the surroundings will fuel you creatively.   

This will look different for everyone, but it could be as simple as displaying your materials in rainbow order, adding a mood board or making room for a special trinket that makes you happy. Whatever it is, make sure to designate areas of your box for visual inspiration.   

Step 7: Move in  

Huzzah! It's time to fill the totes. 

But first, ensure you've arranged your shelving in accordance with your map. We then suggest loading all the empty totes into their designated spaces and moving through each zone, filling one tote at a time. Use the dividers for additional tote organization. Follow this up by filling the hooks, rods and jars. 


Step 8: Take it all in    

This might be the most important step of the entire process. Step back and admire your work! Think about how far you've come and how far you'll go with this new setup. Take a picture and share it with our community on Facebook. Many of the crafters there have already gone through the journey or about to embark. They will love to see this. 

And finally, it's time to get crafting like you've never crafted before—in your own creative haven. We can almost smell your hot glue gun hard at work. 

Inspiration from the community 

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