discover your craft room personality

discover your craft room personality

Your craft room is your happy place. You want it to look good, feel good, and actually be good. The DreamBox will help you get organized, so that your room is functional and achieves “being good,” but the overall look will come from your own personal touch. 

This is one place that you don’t have to consider the preferences of anyone else. How will you make it your own? 

Before you get started decorating and planning your craft room style, it can be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I want to feel in this space?
  • What inspires me? 
  • What tells my story?  


To give you some ideas and inspiration, we have compiled some popular DreamBox decor styles that we’ve seen over the years, along with tips for achieving them! 


Monochromatic Color Scheme 

If you are someone who likes things to be orderly and clean, a monochromatic color scheme might be for you! It will allow you to keep things looking uniformly clean, while also giving the opportunity for some personality to shine through.

Image from Tabitha Sewer


1. Pick one main color theme and stick to it throughout your craft room. 

Do some research on how color can affect your mood, so you can be intentional in the overall feeling you want to create.  

2. Add decorative paper to your InView Totes or DiviDrawers  

We see lots of creators use tote covers to help achieve their desired look! You can stick to the basics, and use a single color craft paper to make tote covers, or pick a few colors from the same color group. If you want to add a little more variety or texture, you can still stick to one color scheme but incorporate patterned craft paper tote covers. Get the cut file for InView Totes here.

3. Find a crafting chair that accentuates your chosen color. 

There are lots of places to find craft chairs, in all shapes and colors. You can find a solid color chair to match your color scheme, or a patterned fabric chair to add some personality.


The Rainbow Room 

Some creators love energetic vibes in their craft room, but they still want to create an environment that facilitates clear thinking and creativity. Does this sound like you? If so, you might enjoy a rainbow style craft room!

Image from Lucia Mallea



1. Organize your supplies according to color. 

This will create a calm and organized look, while still giving those pops of bright, bold colors that feel joyful, energetic and inspire creativity.

2. Add tote covers that coordinate

While you can be strategic in your supply organization, sometimes tote covers can help with incorporating all the colors of the rainbow. A template to create covers for your InView Totes is linked here


The Minimalist

Sometimes when you are crafting, a clear space and a clear head are just what you need. That is one reason so many people love Create Room products! The DreamBox is perfect for creating a clear space, and decorating it in a minimalist, simple, clean style will allow yourself the ability to focus on your creation. 

A clear and peaceful mind can generate a lot of creativity, and energy to work. This is also a great decorative idea for DreamBoxes that are used in a room that serves many purposes-- like a bedroom, or shared living space.

Image from Archer & Olive


1. Add simple covers to your InView Totes or opt for the NEW DiviDrawers

Our clear, InView Totes make it possible to see all your supplies, but if seeing multiple boxes of craft supplies still makes you feel cluttered and chaotic, you can add a simple, neutral, pattern free craft paper for a clean slate. This will give your box a crisp, clean look. A template to create InView Tote covers for your DreamBox is linked here.

The new DiviDrawers allow you to switch between clear, covered or decorative cover with ease. 

2. Add a little color, if desired 

Of course, you can add a little color here or there, but you can adjust it to however much or little you want. 


Patterned Box 

This is for creators with lots of energy! People who love patterns, visuals and movement. If this sounds like you, adding wallpaper to the inside of your DreamBox is a perfect way to create an exciting fun vibe to your craft room without overdoing it and feeling overwhelmed.

Image from Lorrie Nunemaker


1. Plan your layout 

You can color coordinate your wallpaper to your craft supplies or tote covers. Or, leave your totes clear and let the wallpaper do all the work! A template to create InView Tote covers for your DreamBox is linked here.

Get to know the new DiviDrawers, which make it easy to add your own decorative paper. 

2. Use your favorite pattern

Do you have a favorite pattern? Polka dots? Houndstooth? Gingham? Consistently using one pattern throughout your decor and your box creates an amazing vibe and unity in your craft room. Give your box a personality that matches yours perfectly through the use of patterns in your tote covers or DreamBox panel!

Great wallpaper patterns can be found at Spoonflower, or other craft and home goods stores. 

Functional Room

One of the biggest benefits of the DreamBox is its functionality. No more supplies in various places all over the house, or having to purchase multiple furniture pieces to fit it all into one room. For some, extra decor can distract from this core purpose. 

Photo from The Happy Ever Crafter


1. Organize your supplies in Create Room’s InView Totes or new DiviDrawers

Clear totes are great for function! You can easily see your supplies so you never have to go digging, searching, or double buying again. 

2. Accessories your DreamBox’s surrounding areas

While you may not want to add too much to your actual DreamBox, you can accessorize in the surrounding spaces. Adding a nice rug, a plant, simple things on top of your box, or cute office chair  allows you to still put some personality into your craft room, but keep life functional!


Boho Chic Room

Boho chic is one of the most popular home decor styles nowadays. This style incorporates warm, earth tone colors with various patterns and textures. Keeping things neutral creates a calm and focused feel in your craft room. This limits distractions so you can focus more on creating! 

Photo from Meike Schneider Arts


1. Stick to neutral colors

Make covers for your InView Totes or DiviDrawers from brown, tans, or neutral color craft paper. A template to create InView Tote covers for your DreamBox is linked here.

2. Accessorize

Try adding plants, wicker, and cozy blankets or furniture. 


Treasure Box

You will love the DreamBox, so why not decorate it with all the things you love? We love creator’s boxes that tell us so much about them. Find your “treasures”, all the things that make your life better, and incorporate that into your box! 

If you love the beach, Paris, puppies, etc. decorate your box with that theme in mind! Or scratch a one theme mind, and put up all things you love!

Photo from Tina Sutton


1. Brainstorm a list of things that bring you joy

Once you have that list, think of ways to incorporate that into your box! Maybe it's through color, wallpaper, tote cover patterns, or putting little knick knacks in your box as decor! 

2. Don't limit yourself 

When it comes to the treasure box, there are no rules! Don't hold back. Trust the process and fill your space with things you love! You might surprise yourself how much joy it brings you, even if it doesn't "fit" a particular theme.  


Tell us which style is your favorite in a comment below! 

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