storing & organizing craft paper in your dividrawers

storing & organizing craft paper in your dividrawers

Looking for easy paper storage ideas for your scrapbooking and card making supplies? Our DreamBox with the new DiviDrawers will give you lots of great solutions! To help you navigate the different options, we wanted to give you a full walkthrough. First, here’s a quick introduction to our new DiviDrawers in the video below:


The deeper storage features and new stacking options allow you to easily store your supplies and even take them with you on the go! If you’ve got some extra questions for us on how you can organize your paper, read below for some of our suggestions and tips.


What types of DiviDrawers will I receive with my DreamBox, and what are the dimensions?


The DiviDrawers are designed with flat edges and 90º angles to help you store all types of tools and materials inside your DreamBox, especially your scrapbooking and card making supplies! If you purchased your DreamBox with the DiviDrawer option, here’s a quick overview of which Drawers you will receive, and the dimensions for each of their sizes:


X-Large DiviDrawers

6.7" H x 13" D x 13.2" W


Large DiviDrawers

3.4" H x 13" D x 13.2" W


Medium DiviDrawers

5.5" H x 13.2" D x 6.3" W


Small DiviDrawers

 3.2" H x 13.6" D x 2.6" W


The X-Large DiviDrawers and the Large Drawers (pictured above) are best suited to fit a range of paper sizes and shapes.


What other options do I have for storing paper in my DreamBox?


Looking for more great ways to store paper in your DreamBox? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

If you own a cardstock pad (or loose cardstock) that has a tearaway tab at the top (pictured below), this means there will typically be an extra ½ inch to 1 inch of paper in addition to your 12x12 format. For most cardstock sizes such as 8.5x11 and 6x6, these added tabs will fit inside your X-Large and Large DiviDrawers with ease. However, if your paper pad is already 12x12 and it has a tabbed edge, there is a likely chance that it will not fit properly inside your DiviDrawers.


Think you’ll be needing a special spot for your tabbed 12x12s? In the event that they do not fit in the Large DiviDrawers, there’s no need to stress. The DreamBox is uniquely designed to have more than one option for storing your various paper sizes and supplies! Here are a couple of different ways you can store 12x12 paper and cardstock with tabbed edges:

Stationary Shelves

One great option for your tabbed 12X12 paper is to store them on the stationary shelves, either on their own (as shown below), or upright inside your X-Large Dividrawers.

If you prefer to use your X-Large DiviDrawers to store your tabbed 12x12 paper, we recommend that you store them vertically, either stacked sideways or facing front to back. Since these tabbed papers are longer than usual, it may be more difficult to lay multiple tabbed pads flat and you’d have a harder time retrieving the paper you need.

You can easily store tabbed 12x12s inside the main vertical shelf, or at the bottom of your DreamBox where you normally place your Small DiviDrawers.

If you’re looking to add more shelving to your DreamBox, check out our 6 DreamBox Shelves Pack

Shallow Totes

The Shallow InView™ Totes will easily fit your regular 12X12s and even your tabbed 12x12 paper.


Paper Organizer

The Paper Organizer is the most convenient way to organize and access your paper with ease! We recommend that you store regular 12x12s and other smaller papers for the best fit.


Swing Door Shelves

This option is recommended only if you have a full DreamBox and you don’t have any remaining room to store paper on your shelves. If this is the case, you can store your tabbed paper upright in the Swing Door Shelves, with the Acrylic Guards supporting them.

If you would like to store tall vinyl rolls that exceed 12-13 inches in height, we recommend that you place them in the Swing Door Shelves with the Acrylic Guards to support them upright.


Tell us in the comments what you like storing in your DiviDrawers!
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