create room journey step 1: discover your creative purpose

create room journey step 1: discover your creative purpose

The first step in The Create Room Journey is to help you clearly see the role creativity plays in your life and why you value it. This is a critical place to start, as it will give you the motivation to make the changes you seek.

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Explore your creative personality

Creating something with your hands is a powerful process. It fulfills deep human needs. Through years of working closely with creators, we've discovered seven distinct reasons why we are driven to create—joy, calm, connection, energy, growth, expression, and renewal. We call these the creative intentions. 


Turn to page 6 in the Create Room Journey Workbook or grab a piece of paper. Recall a crafting experience that has helped you meet each of these seven needs. Some may be easier to recall than others, and that's okay. Just start with whatever first comes to mind. Don't worry if you don't finish all seven. It's most important to reflect on the core needs that you're most drawn to. 


As you reflect on each experience, make notes: 

  • What were you creating?

  • Who/what was it for? 

  • Were you alone or with others?

  • Describe the environment

Define your core creative intention 

Through this exercise, you probably noticed that some experiences came much more quickly than others. Go back to your sheet now and number them in order (1-7), according to which experiences were easiest to recall OR which were the most meaningful to you.   

The need that corresponds with your #1 is very likely to be your core creative intention, with #2 and #3 being your secondary intentions. Knowing your core and secondary creative intentions (or WHY you create) will keep you motivated along the journey and allow you to more intentionally fulfill these needs. One thing to note—your core creative intention may change as you go through different stages and phases of life. Learn more about each creative intention below:

Expression: You create to express yourself and seek to share your unique voice.

Growth: You create to learn and grow. You seek new experiences and challenges.

Connection: You create to connect and stay present. You seek to make memories and find deeper meaning. 

Renewal: You create to release and reset. You seek refreshment

Joy: You create to share and experience joy. You seek happiness and positivity.

Calm: You create to escape and relax. You seek less stress and more peace.

Energy: You create to feel energized. You seek more excitement and zest for life.

Picture Your Success

Let’s take some time now to envision future creative experiences and the ideal environment to fulfill your creative purposes, core and secondary. Write it down. Be specific.

For example, someone whose core creative intention was renewal, with connection and joy as secondary, might envision something like this — I have my own creative space where I can go to feel refreshed. There is enough room for my loved ones to join me. The things I create are primarily to bring happiness to others.

Keep this somewhere you can refer back to. We recommend printing out your core creative purpose (see how to download it below) and writing your vision statements on the back. 

Make your pledge 

We are so happy you're here. Let us know you're starting the journey by leaving a comment below! Share your experience with Step One of the Create Room Journey on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag @createroomco and use #createroomjourney so we see it! 

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