the create room manifesto

the create room manifesto

At our core, we believe we were all born to create, and that creating room for ourselves and our creativity is not selfish, but actually quite the opposite. We must put on our own oxygen mask before helping others. Answering the call of creativity allows us to be at our best and show up for those that matter.  Our intention is that this manifesto will serve as a reminder for us all.

We wanted to make the Create Room Manifesto available to anyone who feels a connection to the words and beliefs. Download your copy HERE.

You inspire us in more ways than you know! The Create Room Journey was developed after hearing many of your stories and experiences. Every new product (or product improvement) stems from your input and ideas.

Your influence continues to guide our path, this time in the development of the Create Room Manifesto—a declaration of beliefs we hold dear in this community and want to always keep front and center. 



It May Look Familiar

You might have noticed something familiar about the shape and pattern of the Create Room Manifesto. Whenever you see the Create Room mark, let it remind you of these words.



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