The DreamBox Experience: Organization Made Easy With Corinne Burghardt

The DreamBox Experience: Organization Made Easy With Corinne Burghardt

Watch Corinne Burghardt's (@slayathomemother) DreamBox journey below – it's more than just organizing, it's about finding calm in the chaos. Dealing with ADHD and a cluttered space, she found her solution with the DreamBox 2. Now, she effortlessly crafts, sews, and spends quality time with her family, thanks to this all-in-one craft space.

Check out Corinne’s story and see her favorite DreamBox 2 features:


For Corinne Burghardt, the DreamBox isn't just about tidying up – it's about reclaiming peace of mind. "I have ADHD, and I can’t function without a system or routine in place," she shared. With the DreamBox experience, finding supplies became a breeze, allowing her to focus on what truly matters – crafting and family time.

When she first started crafting, things weren't always easy for Corinne. "As I started accumulating more crafting hobbies and more supplies, I started accumulating more bins. I started getting back to that place of untidiness that was affecting my mental health, where everything was in random bins."

Despite storing her supplies in bins, she often couldn't find what she needed, which made it difficult to work on projects when so much of her time was spent looking for supplies. "When I found the DreamBox, I thought that it was the perfect solution to keeping my craft supplies organized without having to sacrifice any of my materials. So when I saw that ad, I was like, ‘I have to have that, that’s going to be perfect for what I need.’”

Now that she has her DreamBox, she can finally spend less time searching for supplies and more time creating with her family.

“The DreamBox has really helped me create a system where I can find exactly what I need when I need it. With us being so busy, we have these really small pockets of time where we can create and craft together or come together as a family and spend time together. I love walking in my office and seeing my DreamBox, I feel so peaceful, and I know I’m ready to create."



To read more about Corinne and her favorite DreamBox 2 features, read her blog post here.


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