Customer Photos and Reviews of the Ultimate SewingBox

Customer Photos and Reviews of the Ultimate SewingBox

The Ultimate SewingBox is one of our most loved furniture pieces!

A dream workstation for any seamstress or crafter, the Ultimate SewingBox provides over 2,500 square inches of table space and plenty of storage for machines and supplies. Hideaway features allow the tables and entire piece to be folded away into a tidy cabinet. 

We have loved receiving reviews and seeing photos of the Ultimate SewingBox set up in your homes! 

Customer Photos and Reviews: 


Really liking my Ultimate Sewing Box. Recently downsized my living space and it is the perfect answer to keeping all my supplies close at hand, organized and provides an adequate work space for sewing and crafting. With following the directions step by step and also referring to the YouTube video, it went together fairly easily. Had a small issue with a missing piece but customer service was great and very responsive. It was a big purchase for me but well worth it.

Judi M. 9/27/17

This is an amazing product!!! I love my Ultimate SewingBox! Easy instillation with plenty of room for sewing supplies, fabric and thread! Great storage containers included. More accessories at your fingertips, if needed! I use one table for ironing, 1 side for embroidery machine and middle table for sewing. Very Happy quilter!!!!!

- Sheila N. 10/29/17


My sewing box arrived a couple of days ago and we finished putting it together this morning. WOW! It is amazing! Truly a sewing room in a cabinet! I can't wait to fill it up! We were impressed with the quality of the materials and the directions, especially the video. It will be a joy to have everything in reach and visible. No more digging in the boxes in the closet for supplies! And with the extra work space I can have my 6 year old granddaughter sewing with me on her machine and be right there to help her. SO glad that I purchased the Ultimate Sewing Box. Well worth the money!

- Leslie P. 6/30/17

The Ultimate SewingBox truly is a dream come true! I can literally fit EVERYTHING I need, and use regularly, right within arms reach. I think my favorite accessory is the fold away table. I never realized how much room my old sewing table took up! Now that I can just "fold it away" I am able to tuck everything inside and close up the doors to a wonderfully clean storage solution!

- Kelly M. 6/05/17

I am totally in love with my new Ultimate Sewing Box! First, the design is extremely well thought out and assembling it was so easy! I couldn't believe how well organized everything was shipped to me. I am truly in heaven. I have everything at my fingertips, all my sewing supplies, scan and cut machine with vinyl, scrapbooking supplies and jewelry making supplies. Don't hesitate, buy the cabinet! You won't regret it. The Original ScrapBox is a wonderful company with exceptional customer service. I can't say enough about my entire experience with this company.

- Candace G. 5/19/17

I absolutely LOVE my new SewingBox! I was able to organize things from 5 different areas of my home so now I have a craft, sewing, and office space in one easy to reach place. If I put a fridge and a microwave nearby I may never leave! Thank you so much for organizing my life and bringing the hobbies I love out of the dark corners and into one beautiful, lighted space!!
- Karen M. 5/08/17

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