what comes inside your dreambox?

what comes inside your dreambox?

Our goal here at Create Room is to deliver you the ultimate creative experience, which is why we've included all your most essential organization needs right from the start. With your DreamBox purchase, your package will include a standard collection of accessories to help you personalize and optimize your creative space. Let’s break down all of what comes with your DreamBox!


Included in Your DreamBox Purchase


Package of Clear Storage Totes

Regardless of whether you prefer our InView™Totes or our new DiviDrawer Collection, you will have the option of choosing between a half set or a full set of totes that fit snugly into your DreamBox. See the details below for a clearer idea of what each tote set includes:

InView™ Totes Half-Set Package

DiviDrawers Half-Set Package

  • 40 Totes
  • 78 InView Tote Tracks
  • 21 Shelves
  • 18 Large Totes
  • 8 Shoebox Totes (16 Dividers)
  • 14 Notions Totes (42 Dividers)
  • 46 DiviDrawers
  • 72 DiviDrawers Tracks
  • 21 Shelves
  • 2 XL DiviDrawers (5 Dividers)
  • 16 Large DiviDrawers (36 Dividers)
  • 10 Medium DiviDrawers (32 Dividers)
  • 18 Small DiviDrawers (52 Dividers)

InView™ Totes Full-Set Package

DiviDrawers Full-Set Package

  • 80 Totes
  • 126 InView Tote Tracks
  • 21 Shelves
  • 34 Large Totes
  • 20 Shoebox Totes (40 Dividers)
  • 26 Notions Totes (78 Dividers)
  • 77 DiviDrawers
  • 118 DiviDrawers Tracks
  • 21 Shelves
  • 4 XL DiviDrawers (10 Dividers)
  • 26 Large DiviDrawers (60 Dividers)
  • 20 Medium DiviDrawers (64 Dividers)
  • 27 Small DiviDrawers (78 Dividers)


DreamBox Shelves

Our adjustable DreamBox Shelves will also make for an easier time arranging your totes and other essential items. See the chart above for the full details on which shelf options your package will include!


4 DreamBox Rods & 12 Utility Hooks

With the DreamBox Hooks and the DreamBox Rods, you won’t have to trouble yourself with finding space for your most important tools, ribbons, and washi tapes.



16 DreamBox Jars

The quickest way to organize all your miscellaneous supplies is by tucking them into your new DreamBox Jars for safekeeping.


Foldaway Crafting Table

Need to make space for other activities throughout your day? Simply fold away your new crafting table and close up your DreamBox!


Security Kit

Avoid the risk for a tip over or an accident with the Security Kit. By attaching your DreamBox to the wall with the safety strap, you can help keep you and your family safe at all times.


Most Popular Add-Ons

Sometimes, your DreamBox may need a little bit more customization to provide you the perfect setup. If you need extra space or lighting in your craft area, check out our most popular accessories available for purchase!


Add-On Drawers

To help you optimize every inch of your storage space, take a look at our DreamBox Drawers with an extra 221 cubic inches of space per drawer.


DreamBox Crown With Light

Not enough light to brighten up your workspace? Get the DreamBox Crown With Light to add a little spark to your creative sessions.


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