the create room planner

A creator’s guide to daily joy + inspiration.

your life is your most
important creation
dream + become

Create a vision for your life and who you want to become.

plan + organize

Track goals, plan creative projects, organize your week and create room for what matters.

"15 years ago we dreamed up an all-in-one solution to the messy craft room—the DreamBox! Now we've taken all our learnings and designed this planner to help creators organize their life, create room for what they love, and discover more joy every day, both inside and outside of the craft room."

- Yvonne Hubert, Create Room Co-Founder
customize + personalize

Draw, paint, and get creative with coloring pages throughout and two pages of stickers.

reflect + celebrate

Reflect daily with journal prompts, gratitude reminders, and space for photos, keepsakes and inspiration.

organized bliss

The DreamBox and the Create Room Planner are the ultimate combination.