Crafting With Kari & Her DreamCart

Crafting With Kari & Her DreamCart

Let's give a big welcome to a new creator in our community, Karina Galindo! Her crafting journey first began amidst the challenges of 2020 when she decided to start sublimation to help improve her mental health. She proceeded to transform her spare room into a brand new craft space and got her supplies organized with help from the DreamCart! Learn all about her experience and how she continues to inspire the crafting community with her creations.



1. Can you tell us a bit of your crafting journey?

Back in 2020, like many others, my 9-5 job was switched over to fully remote. It was a very sudden change that took a toll on my mental health. It felt as if all I did was work and sleep, leaving no room for any fun activities. I decided to look back into the hobbies I had when I was younger, and I remember how much I loved crafting. I began researching crafting projects that I could start; which is what led me to purchase my very first Cricut. I enjoyed crafting so much I decided to turn our spare room into a craft room! It was the best decision I ever made!


2. You’ve had your DreamCart for a few months now. Can you tell us why you chose the DreamCart for your crafting needs?

I chose the DreamCart for so many reasons! First, I never realized how much storage was needed to keep a clean craft room. The DreamCart has helped me stay super organized! On top of that I love how my DreamCart matches my craft room decor! It’s the best way to stay organized and keep an aesthetic craft room!


3. How did the DreamCart help improve your business and solve problems?

Every now and then we have a viral video which creates an influx of orders. My DreamCart has been so helpful with this because every time we have a high influx of orders, I can pull out the DreamCart table to create more table space! Then when orders slow down, I can simply close the table and put my DreamCart in a small corner! It has been such a life saver!


4. What is your main craft type? What do you love about it?

I would say my main craft is sublimation. I love learning about new products that can be sublimated and sharing this with my crafting community! The possibilities are endless!

5. What advice do you have for our readers on how they can achieve that success in their business by utilizing a DreamCart?

Staying organized is, in my opinion, one of the most important things to help you grow your business. My DreamCart has helped me stay organized and has also helped me create more space in my craft room.


6. Why do you choose to create? And what effect does it have in your life?

I always make sure to create some time for creating as this helps me relax and express who I am. I can’t wait to see what project I will start next!

7. Is there anything else you would like our audience to know about yourself?

Yes! I am currently expecting my first baby and I am beyond excited! My mother thought me to be creative and it has been such an important part of my life. I cannot wait to show my baby how to live a creative lifestyle!




Excited to start your own crafting journey?

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