From WorkBox to DreamBox, to DreamBox 2: Desiree's Journey

From WorkBox to DreamBox, to DreamBox 2: Desiree's Journey

Years before Desiree Reinhard started working for Create Room, she ran her own jewelry business and went through an organizational transformation of her own with various versions of the DreamBox. Follow along as we give an inside look at her journey from the WorkBox, to DreamBox, to the DreamBox 2, and how they each changed her life!

Desiree Reinhard's DreamBox journey through the years

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2017: Desiree's WorkBox 3.0

Desiree first started her handcrafted jewelry business, Made By Mermaids, in 2013. Her passion for creating helped her business grow and share more of what she loved with people from all over, yet her biggest setback was her workspace.

"Prior to the WorkBox, I would come into a messy space, and it would really block my creativity. I wouldn't be able to finish something, or if I did, I never felt like it was fully the way it should have been. When I first saw a picture of the WorkBox, I rushed to the kitchen to show my husband, 'You have to see this!' He insisted that I needed it. I felt a little guilty, but he reassured me that I deserved it and that my talents were worth it."

See more of Desiree's WorkBox 3.0 and the beginning of her creative journey below:


With help from the WorkBox, Desiree could finally keep all her supplies organized and create more of what she loved all in one space.

"Once I got the WorkBox, everything changed for the better. I became more organized, reduced wastefulness, and had plenty of time to indulge in my passions. It transformed into my own creative sanctuary, where I found peace.

Now that I can see everything, and everything has its own place, ideas just flow into my head. It's such a healthy creative space now. I really love that everything is right in front of me. It's really motivated me to make more things and be more creative and step up my game."


2021: Desiree's DreamBox 1

When it came to organization, Desiree's journey just didn't end with the WorkBox. A few years after getting her WorkBox, Desiree began working at Create Room! She upgraded to the DreamBox and lovingly passed her WorkBox to her mother. 


“The best part about having the DreamBox as a mother is that when I want to go and create, I can get right down to creating, and I don’t have to waste time feeling overwhelmed with a messy space. I know exactly where everything is, everything has a place. I can just reach for something and it’s right there. So for me, having limited time to create, it’s the best thing.”

In addition to having a space that she can now share with her son and family, Desiree also enjoys added features like the Crown With Light and the Plastic Notion Trays to help her as she works with jewelry.

“I love that I can just pull [Plastic Notion Trays] in and out as I need them and organize all of my beads. It’s my most-used accessory in the DreamBox!”


2023: Desiree's DreamBox 2 

Desiree Reinhard at DreamBox 2


As time went on for Desi, she expanded her creative skills over the past six years to painting as well as Cricut and DIY crafting. This year, as the new DreamBox 2 launched with bigger storage options and more customizability, Desiree decided to give her space another upgrade to help increase productivity for her business and expand her creative skills.

Watch as Desiree walks through each of the DreamBox 2’s new features and what she loves best about hers:


Now that she has the DreamBox 2, Desiree is more motivated than ever to keep her passion for creating alive and help others do the same!

"My creativity is nonnegotiable. I find space for it every single day, even as a busy working mother. The DreamBox gives you permission to put yourself first. Once you make that choice and tell yourself that you are worthy of this amazing product… you will never look back! My hope for anyone considering the DreamBox for their space is to consider their passions, talents and goals. You deserve this.”

At Create Room, we love helping creators just like Desiree get organized and motivated to create! The DreamBox is designed for all types of creators, the perfect companion as you learn new skills and take on exciting projects. As our lead Creator Consultant, Desiree is thrilled to connect with her fellow creators, helping them find creative joy with their new craft spaces! If you feel you’re ready to begin your craft room transformation, schedule a virtual consultation with Desiree to get started.


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