DreamBox for Stampers

DreamBox for Stampers

If you're looking to store and organize your stamping supplies in a way that is both functional and beautiful, the DreamBox just might be your dream come true. Read on for more details. 

A place for everything 

The DreamBox is extremely customizable. The innovative Tote Track system makes it easy to move your InView Totes around to fit your needs.

An assortment of accessories fit perfectly in the DreamBox and offer extra organizational solutions for your stamping supplies. We recommend the Paper Organizer, Tool Cubby, and Shallow InView Totes (all pictured below). 

Another DreamBox accessory that might come in handy for you as a stamper are the Metal Die White Boards. These are pre-sized to fit perfectly on the back of your DreamBox swing doors. 

Integrated workspace

You really can never have too much table space as a stamper. The DreamBox has a large integrated table, so you can sit and craft with everything within reach. If you find you'd like a little more space to spread out, check out the Side Tables or DreamCart

Easily hides away 

The DreamBox closes away into a beautiful armoire, so you can have a craft room in any room. This really comes in handy when you want to make sure the little ones—or the pets—aren't getting into things! 

Don't take our word for it 

We love how Melissa from The Stamp Doc organized her Stampin' Up DreamBox. Isn't it beautiful? Watch her DreamBox video tour below. 


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