Design your DreamBox — with 4 inspiring examples

Design your DreamBox — with 4 inspiring examples

Mapping out your DreamBox is a powerful step to reach your goal- an inspiring and organized craft space. Before you start, be sure to gather and sort your supplies, as outlined in step 4 of the Create Room Journey. Taking an inventory and categorizing your tools and materials will ensure your success.

When you're ready, we've created printable planogram templates for you to use: 

1. Download layout one to use our recommended tote and shelving arrangement for maximum storage.

2. Download layout two to draw in the shelving and totes in your own configuration.

For inspiration, take a look below at the layouts and organization tips of four professional creators, each with a different creative emphasis: the yarn lover, the lettering artist, the sewist, and the do-it-all crafter.  


The Yarn Lover 

Toni of TL Yarn Crafts is a crochet pattern designer and educator. As you may have guessed, her DreamBox is filled with a lot of lovely yarn, but she has also made room for her most critical tools including her Cricut machines, printer, iron and pattern books. Download Toni's DreamBox layout and get more of her tips below.  

Tips for designing your setup —

Customize the shelving. Toni arranged the center section of her DreamBox to balance yarn and supply storage while also giving her books a permanent home.

Place your machines. Whether it's a printer or a cutting machine, adding your machines into your layout early will ensure you save enough space for them.

Utilize the swing doors. Think about materials you have that will make the most sense in this location. Toni planned the swing door hooks to function as additional yarn storage.

Room for inspiration. Draw in plants and other things that will really finish off your creative space. Toni even included her cat, peanut butter!  

Toni's favorite DreamBox features —

80 Acrylic Totes. "The acrylic totes are marvelous! They come in several different sizes to fit everything you need. They are crystal clear so you can see exactly what is inside them. And, they have dividers so you can further customize your storage."

Adjustable Desk. "I get so fatigued if I sit down too long. Thankfully, the DreamBox has a build-in desk that I can easily adjust to standing or sitting height. When I’m standing, I can work at my computer while still accessing all of my supplies if I need to."

Increased Efficiency. "When I think back to how poorly organized my studio was before, I realize how much time I would waste over the course of the day. With my Dreambox, I save so much time and I get a lot more done than I used to. Everything is easy to reach, I can see it on shelves or in clear totes, and I can reorganize whenever I need to."


The Lettering Artist 

Dawn of By Dawn Nicole creates products and resources for busy creatives who want to learn hand-lettering and modern brush calligraphy. Her DreamBox is filled with the tools and materials that make this possible. She is a perfect example of utilizing the flexibility of the DreamBox, as she has already remodeled and adjusted her setup several times (as you'll see in photos below). Download Dawn's layout and read more of her tips below. 

Tips for designing the setup —

Take inventory. With many different materials, it can be really helpful to make a list and then assign where they will go in the DreamBox. Remember to place your most used items closest to you.  

Utilize accessories. Dawn was able to maximize the storage in the center section of her DreamBox with two Tool Cubbies. Check out the DreamBox accessories and include them in your plan. 

Dawn's DreamBox recommendations —

White Shaker style. For a beautiful and timeless look, choose the white shaker exterior style. 

Add the Crown molding with LED Light. "I love the crown molding not only because it’s pretty but also because I use the light in it all the time!"

40 Tote & 55 Shelf Package. "This package is included with your DreamBox at no extra charge."

Add a Tool Cubby (or two!) "I have two of these and bought them a while back. They’re the two white divided boxes in the middle of my DreamBox that hold TONS of pens and markers. You can even just buy these to use on your current desk for extra pen/marker storage."

Pre-built Service. "Even my hubby, who is the cheap one of the two of us agrees it is totally worth the fee. Read Dawn's full review of DIY vs. Pre-built." 

The Sewist  

Kate of See Kate Sew is a fashion lover, sewing blogger, and mother of four. She loves sitting at her DreamBox and dreaming up new sewing patterns to share. Kate shared a fun accessories printable to help you plan your layout on her blog. See more of her organization tips below. 

Tips for designing the setup —

Determine your tote package. Use this planning time to determine whether the 40 or 80 tote package is right for you. Kate went with 80 totes for maximum storage. 

Get specific. Kate got really detailed in her plan and even drew in her jars and rods. This level of detail will help a lot when it comes time to move in. 

Make room for machines. Sewists often have a lot of different machines. You can make room for them all by arranging your shelves in accordance to what you need. 

More organization tips from Kate —

"My creative process definitely thrives when I have supplies and materials right in front of me ready to inspire my next project. I get so much more sewing and crafting done with everything at my fingertips! And my projects are ending up with more fun materials since I know where they all are!" 

Store small things in small containers. "I LOVE the plastic jars. They are so cute but also perfect for things like buttons, bag hardware, blank hair clips, etc."

Dedicate sections of the Box for specific craft types. "I organized most of my sewing supplies on the left door and most of my Cricut supplies on the right. The shelves are perfect for heat presses and the flat bins were made for cutting materials like leather, paper and iron-on vinyl. I have a scrap drawer for all my iron-on scraps, too."

Organize within the InView Totes. "I love these bins – you can add dividers to break them down into smaller compartments for smaller items. It’s just so functional! I have used this yarn in so many projects since putting together my DreamBox. I’ve had it for a year but it was just never where I could see it!"

Add the pre-built service. "I definitely recommend the pre-built service if you can swing it – the whole thing took less than an hour to assemble."

The do-it-all crafter 

Heidi of Happiness is Homemade calls herself an up-all-night crafter, DIY enthusiast and party planner extraordinaire. She does a little bit of everything, but a lot of paper and vinyl crafting. Download her DreamBox layout and get more of her tips below. 

Tips for designing the setup —

Use the zoning technique. Map out sections of your DreamBox for specific supplies and materials. Start with the materials you have the most of. Paper and vinyl, for example. 

Plan a color scheme. Your space should help you feel inspired. Think about what colors you would like to be surrounded by. Consider organizing in rainbow order.

More organization tips from Heidi —

"I could not be happier with my new craft room space and how incredibly organized everything is! The DreamBox has truly been a dream come true, and I highly recommend getting one if you’re looking to organize any of your crafting or hobby supplies! It would even make a great office workstation as well." 

Utilize the InView Notions Totes. "These totes are (2.3”W x 12”L x 3”H). They might look small, but they pack a MIGHTY organizational punch! The DreamBox comes with 26 of them, and they’re kind of amazing!" 

Store extra machines under the table. "I can store machines or other items up to 24 1/2″ tall below table, and the shelves are vertically adjustable to suit your needs. I love that all three sizes of my Cricut EasyPresses can fit on one of the shelves, and I still have plenty of space for my Minc, my Cinch, my Brother sewing machine and more!" 

Use the 12 Acrylic Shelf Guards for stability. "These guards allow you to securely place items like mason jars on the shelves without worrying that anything will shift or fall over when opening and closing the DreamBox."  

Add paper in front of your totes for a pop of color. "If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love, love, LOVE to organize everything in rainbow color order. I decided to add some rainbow-colored paper drawer liners to the bins – easy peasy and SUPER cute! For now, I know what’s inside of each drawer, but eventually I may add some drawer labels to help me remember!" 

Add extra table and storage space with the DreamCart. "If your budget allows, I highly recommend the additional of the all-new DreamCart for the most ideal craft room combination EVER!" 

Follow step 4 in the Create Room Journey for even more organization tips and best practices. Share your DreamBox design on Facebook or Instagram and tag us @createroomco, so we can see!  

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