create room journey step 4: get organized

create room journey step 4: get organized

Welcome to step four of the Create Room Journey. You discovered your creative purpose in Step One, your creative barriers in Step Two, and set goals to overcome those barriers in Step Three. Now, let's get organized! 


Organization is critical to create a space that inspires and motivates. We’ve been in hundreds of craft rooms and polled thousands of creatives. Our research leads us here—your fool proof guide to Create Room and get organized in your own craft haven. Yes, that’s right- in your own craft haven.

Ready to start organizing? 

If you haven't already, download the Create Room Journey WorkBook and turn to page 25 to follow along. Keep this page open for extra visuals.


A few tips before you begin - 

Don’t shop ahead. Don’t buy a bunch of items and organize into them; yes not even our Dreambox and totes. Let’s first assess what you need. Organizational furniture and bins should be purchased once you know what you are trying to contain and in what quantity. 

Don’t get overwhelmed - This is a large project. If you have ten years worth of projects and supplies, you will not get it done in a few hours, but you can chunk it into segments. Setting CREATE goals with realistic slots of time helps you feel you are making progress. It allows you to take breaks and celebrate small successes.

Get inspired-  Watch videos on our YouTube channel or consult Pinterest for craft room makeovers. Ground yourself by recalling your creative purpose and why creating is so meaningful for you. 

We are here to help: If you get stuck or have a question, chat with one of our furniture experts by tapping on the "help" button in the bottom right corner of the page.   

OK, now you are set for success. Let’s get started!



1. Prepare 


Identify your crafting location  

Where do you craft now? Is it a dedicated place or a multi-purpose space? How’s it working for you? Over the years, we’ve learned when crafters dedicate one place to craft and keep all of their supplies in view and within reach, they will craft 2-3X more. We designed the DreamBox to make this possible. (Don’t worry this guide will work for you, DreamBox or not)

Give yourself a tidy space  

Once you’ve identified your crafting space, make sure its tidy. Get everything out of that space. You need enough room to lay everything out and be sorted into piles. You may also want a garbage bin nearby and a box for items you’ll give away. 


2. Gather and sort


Gather it all up  

Retrieve the tools and materials you’ve stashed in the various rooms of your home—the totes in the laundry room, the bins in the spare bedroom, and surplus in the garage. While you’re collecting, be sure to include any projects-in-process, such as the fabric you cut into a pattern, but never got around to using. Bring everything into your designated crafting location. Note that while it’s a best practice to bring it to one place, if you can’t, follow the same steps in each room your supplies are in.

Power sort all items  

With everything spread out and visible, group the individual items into larger categories by craft activity. For example, kids crafts, sewing, painting, home DIY, etc. Then further sort each craft activity pile by supply type.

Determine what stays and what goes 

Go through each craft activity pile and decide which tools and materials you will keep, throw away or donate. Take consideration as to how frequently you actually use the materials and be honest with yourself. Your Create Room Journey WorkBook has a worksheet to help.


3. Design your inspiring workspace


Your supplies and tools should surround your table. When everything you need is within reach, you minimize set-up time and maximize creative fun. We call this your command central. 

Determine your table size

Studies have shown if you have one go-to place to craft, you will craft more. Let’s design your dedicated crafting table. How much workspace do you need? Lay out the supplies and tools for a typical craft project on your kitchen table. Many crafters prefer an L-shape configuration. What works best for you? Do you use a swivel chair? With or without arms? Perhaps you want to stand? Find the right table and chair.

If you are planning on getting a DreamBox, the central table is your cockpit area (35”W x 35”L). If you need more table space, add the Side Tables. You’ll get the additional space you need with the ideal cockpit experience.

Plan your organization system 

As you're planning out your organization system, review our five essential practices for a system to get organized with everything in view and within reach.


#1: Use totes as drawers, not stacked bins

Easy access is critical. Tall stacks of bins are your enemy. The effort to lift and move them to access your supplies is enough to dissuade most crafters from creating.  Find a storage system that functions like drawers.

#2: Use totes right-sized for your supplies

Right-sized totes are essential for two reasons. One: your supplies won’t get lost at the bottom of deep bins. Two: you won’t waste space with deep bins not fully filled. 

The DreamBox comes fully loaded with 80 unique InView totes, all three sizes specifically created for craft supplies.


If you’re getting a DreamBox, You will be able to adjust your shelves to the height of your supplies. This maximizes the amount of supplies that can be stored. Look for this feature in any drawer system you purchase.

Using right-sized shallow totes keeps many colors of paper easily accessible. Our 1” shallow totes are designed to keep the right number of colors sorted and separated.

Storage for specific material and tools

If possible, use the right container for the right job. The Tool Cubby and Paper Organizer are designed to store materials very efficiently.

Small containers for small stuff  

Crafting supplies always include lots of small stuff – beads, embroidery threads, embellishments, wood pieces, etc.. Use small containers easily accessible, not stored in deep bins


Element #3: Use totes with sub-dividers

Organize within your totes to keep your stuff well sorted. Removable dividers are ideal. You can choose when you need them. The Dreambox comes with these dividers for the shoebox and notions totes. Otherwise find totes with dividers or make your own dividers.

Element #4: Truly transparent totes

Out of sight means out of mind. Keeping your supplies in view means you will know what you have. It’s the “perfect” labeling system. This is such a simple idea. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

Element #5: Use your wall space to organize. 

Use your wall space to keep your small items within reach and off your desktop. 

Mount hooks to hold your scissors and cutting tools. Rods work well for easy access to your washi tape and ribbons. If you don’t have a DreamBox, consider mounting hooks on walls right behind your table.

Map it out 

With your storage systems determined, you're ready to position your tools and materials in your command central. Designate the areas in closest reach for your most used tools and supplies. Save space at eye level, front and center, for things you love to look at; your inspiration. If you have kids or grandkids, reserve the higher areas for materials you want out of their reach.

If you’re considering buying a DreamBox, use our printable layout to map out your space. Create your ideal set up. Use layout one for our recommended tote and shelving layout for maximum storage or use layout two to draw in the shelving and totes in your own configuration.   

See four inspiring DreamBox designs to inspire your own. 

If you don’t have a Dreambox, draw something similar yourself. Draw out where you will put your table, totes, shelves etc., and what will go where.


4. Move In 


Fill your totes

Fill your totes per your layout. Use the right sizes for your craft supplies. Adjust the DreamBox (or other shelves) to the appropriate height to not waste a single inch of space. Remember, the more efficiently you store your supplies, the more you can fit. This means more craft activities to enjoy! The Dreambox can hold over 300,000 cubic inches of supplies, all in view, in reach, in seconds. 


Make it yours

You have a unique personality. So should your craft space. What inspires you? Some crafters love to surround themselves with bright bold color. Others love a sophisticated luxe look. To this end, some DreamBox owners insert decorative paper in their tote fronts. A vast majority want to keep it simple and functional. They love to look at their supplies. What’s your style?

Labels if you love them

Some desire extra clarity, even with transparent totes. Labeling ensures you’ll know quite quickly where your stuff is stashed. We suggest adhesive sleeves with paper inserts. You can print out your descriptions in your favorite font. This maintains a consistent look and you can change them as needed. Insider Tip: We will be launching a labelling system later this year for the DreamBox! Remember the best “labelling” is transparent totes. You can see what you have. 

A fully functioning space

Power where you need it is critical. Position an outlet strip at the back of your table space. Make sure it has USB ports as well. Adhere it to the wall to get it off of your tabletop. We also recommend a tablet holder to get your device off of your desk as well.

For a luxe crafting experience, use surround sound speakers. The DreamBox has a custom designed power-strip, tablet holder and speakers that mount to the DreamBox without taking up any storage or table space. And they allow the Box to close / hide-away. If you get your own power items, be sure they don’t take up table or storage space and they still allow you to close your DreamBox / work area. 


Celebrate and share your space!

Congrats! You have arrived. Share your space with others on our Facebook! You have the power to motivate others to create room for more crafting joy and peace; a haven just like yours.

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