find your dream dreambox setup

find your dream dreambox setup

A crafting setup is far from one size fits all, but there are three elements that most crafters would agree are critical: 1) table space 2) storage space and 3) an ergonomic layout. We designed the DreamBox with these things in mind—the perfect framework for every crafter to take and make their own. For further customization we designed complementary pieces that pair with the DreamBox. Each pairing provides specific benefits and enhancements. See below for a quick comparison and read on for more details. 

DreamBox + Side Tables

Ideal for the crafter who loves to be surrounded by table space and wants the flexibility to sit or stand while they work. 

What crafters love about the DreamBox + Side Tables: 

1. Triple the table space. Each Side Table adds 870 sq. inches of space and together create a wrap around cockpit that is ideal for crafting.     

2. There when you need them. The Side Tables can be installed or removed in seconds. Quickly add them when you want to spread out or easily store them away when not needed. Watch to see how it works. 

3. Adjustable table legs. Thanks to the adjustable table legs, the Side Tables will work right alongside your DreamBox table in standing or sitting position. 


DreamBox + DreamCart 

Ideal for the crafter who wants extra storage and a spacious L shaped workspace with the option of two separate workstations. 

What crafters love about the DreamBox + DreamCart: 

1. Quick and easy setup. Just like the DreamBox, the DreamCart can be easily folded down and tucked away when not in use, helping you maximize craft time. 

2. A vast workspace. The DreamBox and DreamCart can be locked together to provide 3,666 sq. inches of continuous L shaped workspace. 

3. Interchangeable InView™ Totes. We designed our InView™ Totes to be interchangeable between furniture pieces. The DreamBox has room for up to eighty InView™ Totes and the DreamCart holds thirteen. 

DreamBox + Sew Station 

Ideal for the crafter who loves to sew and needs an efficient workspace with easy access to their machine. 

What crafters love about the DreamBox + Sew Station: 

1. Efficient workspace. The DreamBox and Sew Station can be locked together, allowing crafters to swing back and forth easily between multiple machines. The Sew Station offers two table leaves for an extra large workspace. 

2. Adaptable to your crafting activity. The Sew Station is equipped with an electric lifter that allows you to easily raise or lower your machine at the touch of a button. Keep it front and center while sewing or stow it away to create instant table space for other activities. 3. Beautiful inside and out. Both the DreamBox and Sew Station can be easily closed away when not in use. They make a pretty attractive pair either way! 

DreamBox + DreamCart + Sew Station

Ideal for the serious crafter who does a little bit of everything, loves a spacious wrap around workstation and extra storage space. 

Crafters call this the ultimate setup. This combination provides a dreamy U shaped workspace with 5,921 sq. inches of table space, a perfect place for your sewing machine and three distinct workstations.  

DreamBox + NEW Create Room Cubby 

Ideal for the crafter who wants a lot of interchangeable storage and flexibility.  

One thing that crafters love about the Create Room Cubby is that you can use multiple side by side or stack them on top of each other for bookshelf type storage space.  


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