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popular dreambox accessories to upgrade your setup
, Ashley Puriri

We've pulled together a list of popular DreamBox accessories to help you design your ideal setup! 

Cutting Mat 

This self healing cutting mat is perfectly sized for the DreamBox table. 

"Only mat that fits perfectly! I'm so thankful, I want to protect my investment." - Iraida M.

White Magnetic Boards

Put the backside of your swing doors to work with this magnetic surface for metal dies. 

"Love being able to see all my dies at once. Just found more dies that I'll be adding soon." - Karen W. 

NEW InView Tote Tracks 

Upgrade your DreamBox with this new innovative system. The InView Tote Tracks free up more storage space, make customization easier than ever and improve the visual appearance of your DreamBox. 

"Simply amazing! So simple to install! Just push them in and insert a tote. Changing things around now is easy and they free up room where the shelf used to be." - Stacey G. 

Essentials Kit 

Three must-have DreamBox accessories—in one convenient pack. The Tool Cubby, Cutting Mat and Plastic Notions Tray Inserts are the essentials for achieving ultimate organization and an enhanced crafting experience.

Side Tables

The Side Tables lock into your DreamBox and create a surrounded workspace. They are easy to install/remove and can be adjusted for sitting or standing height. 

"I can not explain what a difference these side tables make! I’m so happy I purchased them. Easy to install. These are a must for sure." - Lolly C. 

Power Package 

Integrated technology for the ultimate crafting experience. Includes high-quality bluetooth speakers, integrated tablet/smartphone holder and mounted power strip. 

"I absolutely love it! I can watch & tape videos so easily while doing nails , & the power strip is so nice to plug all of my items in to & the speakers are absolutely amazing too! This is a must have for your DreamBox" - Rebecca G. 

InView Tote Lids 

Transport and stack your InView™ Totes. Secure your supplies. 

"These tote lids are great! They are easily attached to the totes, stay securely in place, and are sturdy for stacking the filled totes. I will use these for storing works-in-progress, as well as project kits." - Julia M. 



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3 thoughts on “popular dreambox accessories to upgrade your setup

  1. avatar Patsy Hill says:

    My dream is to someday own a dream box!

  2. avatar Shelly Raygo says:

    I can’t wait to get my dream box! I love seeing all the boxes everyone has put together! This has been a dream of mine for a couple years now and it will soon come true!

  3. avatar Evelyn Gonzalez says:

    I love all your boxes they are beauti . I have a craft room, I would love to buy these boxes. May I please have your price list if you have one . Thank you .

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